Islamophobia In Australia: Pig’s Head Outside Muslim College In Brisbane, CCTV Footage Captures ‘Hate Crime’

A pig head close up.

Queensland Police Service has launched an investigation after a severed pig’s head was found in front of an Islamic school in Brisbane on Wednesday. In an apparent act of Islamophobia in Australia, the pig’s head was found inside a backpack with a swastika. In Islam, a pig is considered to be a forbidden animal.

The staff of Islamic College of Brisbane was shocked to find the item at the front gate of the school early in the morning. The Islamic college is owned by Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, based in Sydney.

The authorities are particularly worried because the people who have been targeted in the apparent hate crime are young children. The bag had been removed before the students arrived. The school consists of over a thousand pupils, the youngest of which are 5-year-olds.

Two young men, who are believed to have been responsible for the Islamophobic act, were captured on school cameras. School authorities have given the “clear” footage to police, which also includes a partial number plate of the Subaru WRX involved in the incident.

Acting school chairman Ali Kadri called the incident “really scary,” as he expressed concern about the safety of the children. However, he believes the people responsible for this will soon be arrested. According to a police spokesman, an emergency call in the morning informed about the backpack with decaying meat inside it.

Kadri called it a “hate crime” against Muslims and held right wing “extremist” politicians responsible. He believes some of the “shock jocks” demonize Islamic schools in Australia, the Brisbane Times reported. Kadri said that it was alarming that people would get up early in the morning to do such things.

In 2015, a Queensland mosque was under an arson attack. An unidentified man responsible for the attack was caught on CCTV. The Toowoomba mosque was attacked twice within four months. The fire affected the mosque so severely that the damage was estimated to be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Queensland Police Service has launched an investigation into the hate crime in Brisbane.

According to Labor MP Terri Butler, multiculturalism and freedom of religion are core Australian values. She stressed after the mosque attack that hate crimes have no place in the “modern and welcoming society” in Australia, The Guardian reported.

Two young men are believed to have been involved in the hate crime at Islamic College of Brisbane.

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