Improve Muscle Car Performance, MPG, HP, And Torque For Chevy, Ford, And Dodge: Spectre Cold Air Intake

Muscle car performance enhancement is far more than simply making a Ford, Chevy, or Dodge faster. Performance encompasses much more than speed. Muscle car performance is about MPG gas mileage, HP horsepower, and torque which can all be measured, tested, and proven.

The Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake is one of the most economical ways to improve gas mileage by at least a few miles. It’s one way to get more power out of any Ford, Dodge or Chevy, whether it is a muscle car or not.

The Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake is easy to install, whether on a Ford, Chevy, Dodge or other car or truck because it is a direct fit out of the box. The Spectre replaces the stock intake system according to the Spectre website.

“Spectre’s application specific air intake kits are an easy way to add performance to your stock late model car or truck, hot rod or classic muscle car. Designed to be a direct fit bolt-on replacement to the stock intake system, installation can be quick and easy.”

For a Muscle car, performance is everything, but virtually any vehicle, muscle car or not, old or new, Ford, Chevy or Dodge can be outfitted with a Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake. The prices vary with make and model but most are less than $170 at Summit Racing.

Improving performance is good for any Ford Chevy or Dodge, whether it qualifies a muscle car or not. Performance enhancement is essentially equivalent to health for any car, even if it isn’t a muscle car. Cars breathe to cool off, as well as mix oxygen with gasoline, but what happens when the air is hot, under the hood?

Mustangs & Fords explain the need for a Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake in classic and muscle cars. Muscle cars like Ford Mustangs and Torinos just like Chevy Camaros, need cool air, but at the time of manufacture, that wasn’t a huge consideration for Ford in the days when the classic muscle cars were being built.

“In classic Ford cars, the factory passenger car air cleaner assembly wasn’t designed for maximum horsepower. Rather, a major consideration in the factory design was intake noise suppression. Some factory designed air cleaners came with an open element to reduce intake restriction, but this still doesn’t address the issue of engine-heated air being drawn into the carburetor.”

The Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake gives a muscle car’s engine a breath of fresh cool air. According to the video above, the air going into the engine is only a few degrees warmer than ambient temperature, compared to at least 125 degrees under the hood of a running muscle car as explained on the Spectre website.

“Manufactured from high quality polished aluminum tubing, each system is designed to give you an added increase in performance by routing the intake inlet away from heat sources like the radiator and headers.”

The Specter Performance Cold Air Intake is available for many makes and models and can be added to old or new cars. It isn’t just for muscle cars. All cars have to breathe. The video below shows a Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake installed on a 2016 Camaro. It’s going to enhance performance and perhaps lengthen the life of the engine.

Classic Camaro showing what's under the hood
Classic Camaro showing off what's under the hood [Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

Mustangs & Fords have an article about installing the Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake on a small block 68 Ford Torino GT. The author says that he’s seen a Mustang tested on a Dyno before and after installation of a Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake system.

“Readings on a Mustang dyno run between 15 and 20 percent less than the readings seen for the same vehicle measured on a Dyno Jet.”

Keeping the motor cool is important not only for performance but for long engine life. The Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake pulls in cold air from the outside.

Muscle car performance involves many aspects, including the installation of an electronic fuel injection system, but that can cost well over a thousand of dollars. The Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake costs far less and so Spectre offers an inexpensive place to start for any car. Spectre makes their cold air intake systems for Ford, Chevy and Dodge engines.

Classic Muscle cars like Ford Mustangs and Chevy Comaros can benefit from the Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake, but any car owner can benefit from getting a few extra MPG on the highway or having a few more horsepower under the hood when trying to get on the freeway.

Classic Camaro at a car show
Classic Camaro [Image by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images]


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The Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake is an affordable performance solution for Chevy, Ford, or Dodge whether new or old.

[Featured Image by Chevrolet Press Room |Cropped and Resized| CC BY 3.0 US]