Mysterious Creature Attacks Farm Animals In Kentucky [Video]

Is there a Chupacabra loose in the wilds of Kentucky?

According to WDRB, a mysterious creature has been savagely attacking animals in Shelby County. As it goes with most unidentified monsters, the beast only works at night. Although no one has seen it in action, area residents are familiar with its work.

Deputy County Judge Executive Rusty Newton explained that six goats and four calves have been killed by the creature. Instead of using its prey as food, the monster appears to be killing for the fun of it.

“It’s not doing it to kill the animal to eat, these animals are just being mauled. That’s where the mystery is at this point, Newton said.

WLEX-18 reports that local farmers are concerned their livestock could be next on the creature’s hit list. Farmer Kevin Cox said that his goat Polka-dot was one of the mysterious beast’s victims. Although she survived the attack, he’s worried the monster could return to finish the job.

“I heard the dog howl and ran out and saw the goat laying there,” Cox said of the attack. In an effort to protect his livestock and his family, the farmer has laid down a series of traps designed to ensnare the creature.

Officials are currently investigating these brutal attacks. Shelby Country resident Frank Edwards said that authorities are doing what they can to track down the creature responsible for killings.

“We’ve got trail cameras out, we’ve got traps out it’s like it’s smarter than we are,” he said.

The attacks are not unlike those allegedly perpetrated by the legendary Chupacabra. The creature, which is said to resemble a dog, supposedly enjoys drinking the blood of its prey. The monsters are also known to have a penchant for attacking goats.

What do you think is responsible for the mysterious attacks on farm animals in Kentucky?