‘Kate Plus 8’: Kate Gosselin Slammed For Leaving Son Collin Out Of Family Vacation

Kate Gosselin is being called out online by fans yet again. The reality TV mother of eight is in hot water with viewers after it was revealed that her son Collin was left out of a family vacation during a recent episode of Kate Plus 8.

According to Hollywood Life, Kate Gosselin took seven of her children on a lavish ski vacation, but Collin was noticeably absent from the family fun. As many Kate Plus 8 fans know, Gosselin’s son Collin, 13, has not been seen on the series regularly since Kate revealed she had enrolled him in a special program due to behavioral issues. Gosselin previously told People Magazine that the program is helping her son “learn the skills he needs to be the best him he can be.”

Fans were saddened by the fact that Collin’s seven siblings were seen having a blast on the slopes and later in the spa on the family vacation, but he was nowhere to be found. Kate’s son has not been seen on the show since the previous season’s finale back in January, and he even seemed to be absent from the sextuplets 13th birthday party.

Not a lot of details have been revealed about why Collin Gosselin is receiving special help. However, Kate Gosselin says that she feels comforted by the fact that she knows he is where he needs to be at the moment, and she misses her son very much. The reality TV mom admits that it feels like there is a “huge hole” in the family without Collin at the house with his siblings.

Kate reassured fans that she is “very happy” with the care that Collin is getting in his special program, but fans are still not happy when they watch the Gosselin children take part is all kinds of fun events without Collin there to share in the celebrations. Some fans believe the show is no longer fun to watch because of the sadness they feel over Collin’s absence.

What are your thoughts on the latest Kate Gosselin news? Do you think it’s unfair that Collin Gosselin doesn’t get to take part in the family vacations and celebrations on Kate Plus 8?

[Featured Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]