‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Sami Brady Returns To Salem On A Mission To Make Someone Pay For Hurting Her Son Will

DOOL fans are anxiously awaiting the return of Alison Sweeney to the role of Sami Brady. Having grown up on the set of Days of Our Lives, she has created a character that is very loved by viewers. When she left Salem, it was like watching a beloved family member leave home for the first time.

The following will contain spoilers for DOOL. If you want to be surprised by what Sami is up to, don’t continue to read.

Spoilers have already revealed that Alison Sweeney and Chandler Massey are returning to the set of DOOL. The last time we saw Will, he had been strangled by the Necktie Killer, or so we thought. Sami had returned to Salem to bury her eldest son and was devastated by his death. The question viewers are asking is, “How does Will return from the dead?” Well, maybe he doesn’t.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Will could have been held captive and brainwashed, as a double took his place in Salem. Fans of the show know that in the last weeks of Will’s time in Salem, he had undergone quite a change. The normally loving and kind man had become manipulative and not very likable. His relationship with Sonny was very damaged due to his refusal to accept responsibility for his own bad choices that caused problems in their marriage.


Stefano was known to torture his enemies, of which Sami was one. He had taken people captive over the years, and he held them for months and even years as they were brainwashed to become his pawns in some evil schemes. It sounds like this is what happened to Will. Sami was not only the defiant daughter-in-law of Stefano, but she also managed to steal a lot of his fortune. Stefano wasn’t one to not take revenge.


With the return of Sami and Will to Salem, there will be answers to where Will has been. Sami is on a mission to take revenge on those who played a role in traumatizing her son and brainwashing him. DOOL fans know that Sami is extremely protective of her children. She won’t rest until she gets to the bottom of it all and Will is safe.

There will be a lot of great storylines coming out of Sami and Will’s return to DOOL. With their scenes scheduled to begin airing in September, some of those storylines could go on to lead viewers into November sweeps. We know that there will be emotional decisions as Sonny learns his husband is still alive.

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