Deadly Hailstorm In Spain Kills Sheep, Video Of Golf Ball-Sized Hailstones Shows Savage Path Of Destruction

In Spain, when it hails, it pours. One such extreme storm battered a town in the European nation last week and left a path of destruction. A number of sheep were killed by the savage hailstorm, and reports of extensive property damage emerged.

Locals in Northern Spain were taken by surprise when a massive weather system moved through Almazan, a town near the city of Soria. Residents affected by the hailstorm managed to document the terrifying experience as hail the size of golf balls began raining down on a wide swath of the area.

Amateur footage and sound revealed the sheer force of the killer hailstorm in Spain. A number of trees, buildings, and vehicles were destroyed or damaged by the large hailstones, according to the Mirror.

Sources say emergency crews were dispatched to areas hardest hit by the 45-minute-long hailstorm. Once the all clear was given, workers used snow plows to clear roadways. Some streets were covered in large hail and rendered impassable.

Disturbing photos also show at least four dead sheep in a field in the aftermath of the hailstorm. The grazing animals were apparently killed by the trauma from the hail before they could seek cover under nearby trees. At this time, there are no reports from Spain officials of human injuries or fatalities.


Another photo from the hailstorm shows a vehicle that sustained heavy hail damage. The majority of the car was pelted by hailstones, and its windshield is shown partially collapsed.


Check out the compelling footage of the monster hailstorm.

Regions in Spain are accustomed to inclement weather conditions. Earlier this month in Southern Spain, hailstones battered the town of Murcia. Again, locals captured the ferocity of the storm system as it pelted the area without warning.

In February, flash floods wreaked havoc in the region of Costa del Sol. Local officials reported as many as 200 incidents that required emergency responses. Rising waters washed buildings away and left scores of vehicles stranded.

According to Weather Underground (WU), hailstorms are the products of severe thunderstorms when warm updrafts come in contact with super cooled water droplets. The liquid is cycled through cumulonimbus clouds, where it freezes.

The surrounding air mass results in the formation of hailstones that are balls of ice with a “layered” appearance. The stones fall when clouds can no longer contain them.

Another clip of a hailstorm emerged on YouTube in July of 2014. The user, Руслан Соколов, uploaded footage of beachgoers enjoying a leisure day in the sand and surf. Suddenly, and apparently without warning, the sky unleashes a downpour of hail on the “previously sunny afternoon.”

Painful to watch” footage shows beachgoers making frantic attempts to seek cover as they are relentlessly pelted by large diameter hail, as Inquisitr previously reported.

“With nowhere to go, a few people are seen just crouching and protecting themselves as best they can while they ride out the beating.”

Unlike the recent hailstorm in Spain, there were no reports of fatalities from the ferocious freakish phenomenon. Do you have footage or stories about an experience with hail?

[Featured Image by Michal Ludwiczak/Shutterstock]