Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Buy A House With Plenty Of Room For Babies, Jana Offers To Decorate Nursery

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo just purchased a house, and the move has fans wondering whether the couple has a baby on the way.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but Jeremy Vuolo’s Laredo bachelor pad was tiny compared to the huge Arkansas compound that Jinger Duggar grew up in. After Jeremy married the former 19 Kids and Counting star, they moved into his small, two-bedroom apartment. Jessa Duggar helped them give their first home a makeover on an episode of Counting On, and they had to move a lot of Jeremy’s stuff around in the cramped space to make room for new furniture. The pastor admitted that he wasn’t happy when Jessa decreed that one of his large bookshelves full of religious texts would have to be placed in the closet.

Luckily for Jeremy Vuolo’s books, they don’t have to share a space with his clothing and shoes any longer. As the Duggar Family Blog reports, he and his wife have revealed that they recently purchased a four-bedroom house, which means that Jeremy can now have his own library/study. However, Duggar watchers think there’s a different reason the Counting On couple recently decided to upgrade to a much larger space: They’re getting ready to expand their family.


Daphne Oz, the host of the Counting On special, broke the news about Jinger and Jeremy’s new home. According to Us Weekly, Jim Bob Duggar was hoping that the couple would eventually move to Arkansas, but their new house is located in Laredo.

“We are pretty settled in there, thanks to a lot of these guys,” Jeremy said, pointing around the room at his wife’s siblings.

According to Jinger, Jessa and Jana were a big help when she and Jeremy Vuolo moved into their new abode. Daphne Oz pressed the new homeowners on what they are using their three extra bedrooms for, and Jinger said that one of them has been turned into a guest bedroom, while Jeremy is using another one as a study. Daphne asked if the third room was going to be used as a nursery, but Jinger said that it’s currently being used for storing “old boxes and old furniture” that she and Jeremy plan on getting rid of.

However, Jana Duggar jumped in to reassure viewers that the room “can be redone,” and she seemed pretty certain that it will eventually have a baby in it.

“We’re going to help them set up the nursery,” said Jana.


Even though Jeremy joked that “the number one reason” he and his wife bought a new house is so that his books could have their own room, some fans are convinced that the couple purchased the home because they already know that Jinger is pregnant.

“Honestly the fact that they just bough [sic] a house screams baby to me. I’m expecting an announcement in the next few months,” read one post on the Free Jinger web form.

“Their new house has so much potential. I’m thinking a baby announcement is coming up though,” wrote another commenter.

“At least they will have had a full year without a baby if she gets pregnant soon. That’s more than her sisters will ever have. I’m glad they have taken some time to just be normal twenty somethings.”

Some fans are convinced that Jinger looks pregnant in a photo that was recently shared on the Duggar Family Facebook page. She’s wearing a black dress, and there’s speculation that she chose the slimming color to hide a baby bump.

“Beautiful and she is so pregnant. Black cannot hide everything. Happy for them,” one fan commented.

The second half of “The After Show” will air next Monday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC, so there’s still a chance that fans will get to see a Jinger Duggar pregnancy announcement before this season of Counting On ends.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]