Ezekiel Elliott Expected At Dallas Cowboys’ Training Camp In Spite Of Possible Legal Trouble

Amid reports of Ezekiel Elliott being involved in an altercation at a bar just outside of Dallas, the running back is expected to join the Dallas Cowboys when they convene for training camp. Thus far there are no signs to assume that Ezekiel Elliott will not be joining his Cowboys’ teammates in camp.

The Dallas Cowboys are slated to begin NFL training camp in less than a week at Oxnard, California, and the status of Ezekiel Elliott has become a question mark. Already facing a possible suspension, Elliott was involved in a fight in Wichita Falls, Texas. The Cowboys’ running back reportedly punched a bar patron (courtesy of Complex) during a scuffle. All initial reports regarding the incident Ezekiel Elliott were originally unclear.

CBS Dallas-Fort Worth broke the news about a disturbance at the bar where Ezekiel Elliott was patronizing. An altercation was reported to the police, yet there were no arrests made at the scene. Much of the details to the scuffle regarding how many people were involved and how did it start remain unclear. It should not prevent Ezekiel Elliott from being with his Dallas Cowboys’ teammates next week. There is a possibility that criminal charges are filed against Elliott.

Jerry Jones gives Ezekiel Elliott a pep talk.
Ezekiel Elliott's latest round of potential legal trouble could force Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones to step in. [Image by Joe Robbins/Getty Images]

The incident at the Wichita Falls bar is the latest in growing list of Ezekiel Elliott transgressions. Each situation have been deemed as minor thus far. However, a potential fallout from a serious situation looms.

As previously reported, there is a possibility that the Cowboys’ star running back could receive a brief suspension from the NFL. According to the Dallas Morning News, the league is still investigating Ezekiel Elliott for pulling up the top of a young woman during a St. Patrick’s Day parade. The NFL could ban Elliott for a game or two at the start of the Dallas Cowboys’ season. Unless the NFL decides to treat the bar scuffle that Ezekiel Elliott was reportedly involved in as a separate matter, it could be used in their final decision.

What could also become a factor with Ezekiel Elliott and his troubles is the possibility of criminal charges getting filed in the bar fight. The tweet below alleges that Elliott punched and man and broke his nose.


A pattern of behavior is slowly developing with Ezekiel Elliott, which could require an intervention of sorts from Dallas Cowboys’ owner and general manager Jerry Jones. No official word has been confirmed about Jones speaking with Elliott, but it is widely assumed that a conversation is coming if it has not already taken place.

Regarding the business of football, the Dallas Cowboys need Ezekiel Elliott healthy and available to play. Staying out of trouble is a sure way to guarantee the availability portion.

Barring a huge revelation regarding the scuffle at the bar in Wichita Falls, Ezekiel Elliott should be with the Dallas Cowboys when they begin NFL training camp next Monday. By that time there should be more details revealed.

[Featured Image by Joe Robbins/Getty Images]