Dog Rescues Baby Deer In Long Island Sound — Golden Retriever In Viral Video On ‘Fox & Friends’

The video of a Golden Retriever rescuing a baby deer from drowning is a video that’s gone viral today. While having your morning coffee on Tuesday you might have caught the clip of a dog coming to the rescue of this fawn on Fox & Friends or possibly on CBS or NBC.

The video shows a Golden Retriever jumping into the waters off Long Island, New York, and furiously swimming a good distance out to this little deer. The Golden Retriever gently grabs this deer with his mouth. With a gentle hold on this little drowning victim, the dog swims to the safety of the beach, saving the young deer from a fatal ending on Sunday morning.

The dog, Storm, and his owner, Mark Freeley, appeared live on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning to talk about this amazing rescue. Freely said he was making his way down the beach walking his two dogs when his Golden Retriever named Storm jumped into the water, which he often does. But this time it was different, storm looked to be on a mission.

Storm went into the water and started a furious swim out to deep water, which is something he doesn’t usually do. Then Freely saw what Storm was going after, it was a little animal’s head bobbing in the water. He took out his phone and videoed what the dog did next. The video appears below.

The Golden Retriever made it to the animal and grasped the little thing with his mouth. Then the dog turned around and started swimming back to shore, still clutching the animal gently. It was when Storm got closer to the shore that Freely could see that his dog had a baby deer in tow.

According to NBC News, the dog leaped into the water without the owner knowing what the dog was going after at first, which is what Freely explained in his interview on Fox & Friends this morning. Freely said he was walking his two dogs on the beach, which he often did along PJ Harbor.


When Storm made it onto the beach with the fawn, he tossed it on the sand. The deer first struggles to try to stand up, but then it lay still. The fawn wasn’t moving, but you can see on the video that the little deer was breathing. The Golden Retriever laid down with the fawn and kept nudging the baby animal with his nose trying to revive his new friend.


After calling the wildlife folks, Freely and his dog waited with the baby deer until help arrived. A vet also came to the beach to check out the fawn. The baby deer will be fine, he had a minor injury to its eye and it was a bit tired, but the fawn is being well taken care of today.

Thanks to Storm, the amazing dog, that baby deer has a second chance at life. Freely posted this video on his Facebook and it went viral, as of Tuesday morning it has more than 3 million views.

[Featured Image by Steve Byland/Shutterstock]