Jocelyn Savage’s R. Kelly Video Shows Shadow Coaching Her: Asante McGee Comes Out, No Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones

In the wake of the explosive allegations that hit the news on Monday, July 17 about R. Kelly’s alleged sex cult, as reported by the Inquisitr, the below video interview shows Joycelyn Savage responding to the cult allegations. Savage spoke with TMZ, however, intrepid viewers of the video have noticed that Joycelyn appears to be coached in the video, with a shadow being reflected off of Savage’s mauve sweater, appearing to be a person telling Joycelyn which questions to answer and which ones not to answer. It isn’t known if the shadow is R. Kelly or someone else.

The 21-year-old Savage was the central topic of the below press conference that was held on Monday, wherein Joycelyn’s father, mother, and sister spoke about Savage being the alleged victim of Stockholm Syndrome and a cult victim who is essentially one of R. Kelly’s purported sex slaves. According to TMZ, Kelly claims the accusations against him are false, but the Savage Family – specifically Joycelyn’s father, Timothy Savage – promised more proof against R. Kelly in coming days.

According to BuzzFeed, the accusations against Kelly were made by Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee — and Mack was spoken about in the press conference video below. Cheryl was a former assistant for Kelly, and Mack was described by Asante McGee as she spoke of Kelly’s alleged black room for sexual activities in one of several homes that the singer allegedly keeps young women within.

Madams named Alicia Evans and Diane Copeland were mentioned in the below news conference, accused of being women who facilitated R. Kelly’s wishes. Savage’s parents spoke about wanting Kelly to release her, stating that they want her home. Asante spoke about always defending Kelly, but Mcgee says she has a 17-year-old daughter and finally got the willpower to walk away last summer from Kelly.

Asante described what she alleged was Kelly’s world, wherein young women have to ask to take a bath and shower and permission to go from one room to the next. McGee claimed Kelly manipulated minds because of his fame and cried out that “these girls need help” because Kelly allegedly “makes you believe everyone is against you.” She stated she knew Kelly three years.

The Savage Family is working with the FBI and the sheriff to resolve the case. Jai Savage said to Joycelyn, her sister, that she loved her and said that after Joycelyn left to go to college everything changed because of “this monster” named Kelly, whom Savage called a pedophile.

Whereas Buzzfeed mentions Mack, Jones, and McGee, only photos of Halle Calhoun, Kelly’s reported 19-year-old girlfriend, have been prominently displayed online. Calhoun’s Instagram account has been deleted.


“A recent arrival, a 19-year-old model who has been photographed in public with Kelly and named on music gossip websites — a rarity among the women in his circle.”

R Kelly
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With tales of alleged mind control by Kelly that involves spankings and dictating the sweat suits that women must allegedly wear in front of other males, the BuzzFeed article sent shockwaves through the internet.

“Mack, Jones, and McGee claim that women who live with Kelly, who he calls his ‘babies,’ are required to call him ‘Daddy’ and must ask his permission to leave the Chicago recording studio or their assigned rooms in the ‘guest house’ Kelly rents near his own rented mansion in suburban Atlanta.”

R Kelly
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Not all of the parents who accused R. Kelly of wrong treatment were identified in the Buzzfeed article. One mother claimed that her then 19-year-old daughter met Kelly in 2015, in the hopes that he would help launch her singing career.

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