‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Stella Bring Marcus Taggert, Sonny’s Sworn Cop Enemy, Back to ‘GH’?

General Hospital spoilers tease the return of Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews) to Port Charles. During a conversation with Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) on the July 17 episode of the show, Stella Henry (Vernee Watson), who recently debuted on General Hospital as Curtis’ aunt, mentioned a man named Marcus.

Taggert is an old GH character who appeared last in May of 2003.

Stella mentioned Taggert, saying she had been in love with him and engaged to him. She expressed the desire to reconnect with him.

Although some GH fans might not have heard of Taggert, longtime viewers would immediately recall that he was a rookie cop on GH who grew up a troubled child in Brooklyn. He met Deke Woods, a kind police officer who helped him.

Deke Woods also happened to be Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) stepfather. Woods, who had previously been accused of abusing his stepson Sonny and his mom, took Marcus under his wing. Deke’s kindness made Marcus want to become a police officer.

When Marcus eventually achieved his ambition to become a police officer, his mentor, Deke, was his partner.

However, Deke was shot and killed on duty. The incident impacted negatively on Deke’s personality. It left him devastated, angry, bitter, and filled with hatred. He blamed Sonny Corinthos for Deke’s death and vowed to take revenge on him.


Taggert moved to Port Charles and got a job at the Port Charles Police Department (PCPD). Although he dedicated an inordinate amount of his time to persecuting and harassing Sonny, he was very fond of Lily Rivera Corinthos, Sonny’s wife.

Lily died tragically in a car mishap. She was killed in a car explosion caused by a bomb planted by someone who was targeting Sonny for assassination.

The incident only helped to further fuel Marcus’ feelings of hatred for Sonny.


After Lily’s death, Marcus took Juan Santiago, Lily’s son with Miguel Morez, under his wing. And since he left Port Charles in May of 2003, Taggert has not played any role in GH, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry

General Hospital spoilers tease that Taggert could be returning to Port Charles due to circumstances linked with Stella. Stella revealed during the July 17 episode of General Hospital that she had been in a relationship with Taggert and that she had been engaged to him. Her expressed desire to reconnect with Taggert immediately suggests he is returning to Port Charles after more than 14 years of absence.

The prospects of Taggert’s return have sparked speculation about the implications for Sonny Corinthos, Taggert’s sworn enemy. Taggert’s return to Port Charles could spell trouble for Corinthos.

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