‘Property Brothers’ Star Jonathan Scott Calls Out Fans Over Hate Posts And Cyber Bullying

Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott recently called for an emotional plea after receiving tons of hate comments on his social media page. The 38-year-old star from the popular HGTV series reminded his followers to go back to their childhood and think before posting anything online.

Jonathan Scott, one of the stars of the HGTV show Property Brothers, recently shared an emotional post on Facebook after recently being the center of controversy and receiving negative comments from fans and followers. While Jonathan, along with his twin brother Drew, has been known for their quirky personality on the series, many fans were surprised when Jonathan aired his sentiments on his social media page.

In the said video, Jonathan reminded his fans who have been posting hate comments on his page to remember what their parents taught them about treating others nicely even when they have nothing nice to say. The Property Brothers star said that while the majority of their fans and followers have “insightful comments” to share, some have been “cruel and angry.”

Jonathan said that his Facebook page was not a place to spread hate, especially since he and his brother Drew have a lot of young followers who read their posts on a regular basis. The Property Brothers star also urged his critics to look into themselves and see what makes them unhappy enough to post such hateful comments about other people.

Many of Jonathan’s followers applauded his call against cyber bullying, as the HGTV star is just one of the many celebrities who are victims of cyber bullying. Jonathan has been very vocal about his stand on human rights through various posts on his page and these posts raise quite a few eyebrows.

Several fans have also been calling the Property Brothers star a hypocrite for standing up for human rights after recently being involved in a scandal. Per Mail Online, footage released to the public showed Jonathan being dragged out of a bar in North Dakota after being involved in a fight.

One of the staff working at the said bar has reportedly told the police that Jonathan told them, “Do you know who I am?” when he was being asked to hand over his drink. Despite the scenes shown in the footage, the Property Brothers star was not charged, as there was a lack of sufficient evidence to prove that any crime for the parties involved.

What do you think of Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott’s plea?

[Featured Image by Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV]