WWE ‘RAW’: Kurt Angle Announces Shocking Secret, Jason Jordan Is His Son [VIDEO]


Kurt Angle finally announced his big secret Monday night on WWE Raw. He had been keeping this for several weeks and claimed that this scandal could potentially ruin him and his career.

But then again, he made a promise to end the rumors by coming clean and he did. WWE Raw has been teasing the audience with a Kurt Angle-Corey Graves storyline for the past weeks, and now the big reveal happened at the Nashville ring on Monday night.

During the show, Kurt Angle walked up to the ring and narrated about his past. He said that his previous actions have come back to haunt him so he wanted to divulge the secret now. Angle also hoped that this revelation will put a stop to false speculations.

Likewise, the WWE Raw general manager and American pro wrestler declared that former NXT and Smackdown Tag Team Champ, Jason Jordan, is his son. Wrestling fans have previously mentioned the possibility of Angle having an illegitimate child, and they suspected that this could be one of the secrets that he was about to expose, and they guessed it right.

Angle’s announcement was quick but it stunned a lot of people including other pro wrestlers. While on the ring, he further explained that it was only recently when he learned he had a son, and his mother was someone he dated back in college. As stated on Pro Wrestling Sheet, Angle also mentioned that Jason was put up for adoption and was raised by great parents.


After the disclosure, Angle talked about his son’s accomplishments who turned out to be an athlete and new member of WWE Monday Night Raw. Angle proceeded to introduce Jason Jordan who came up to the stage, and they hugged tightly.

Jordan expressed happiness over his father’s admission by posting a short Twitter update.


On the other hand, Chad Gable, Jordan’s tag team partner, appeared to be in disbelief as everyone else.


Jason Jordan debuted as a singles competitor in NXT but he did not reach success until becoming a tag expert. His very first tagging partner was Tye Dillinger and later, he paired up with Gable and formed the American Alpha tag team in 2015.


Finally, with Kurt Angle’s reveal that Jason is his son, many WWE RAW fans want to see how Jason will do as a singles competitor. He already proved himself in the pro wrestling world plus he has the blood of a wrestling legend, perhaps it is time for him to compete on his own and earn a new WWE belt.

[Featured Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]