Jenelle Evans Faces Backlash After ‘Throwing’ Her Son In Season Premiere Of ‘Teen Mom 2’

Jenelle Evans always seem to conjure up social media drama and lots of differing opinions, and this time the brunette beauty is facing controversy after “throwing” her son into his high chair. The clip that Jenelle has been criticized for aired before the show’s premiere for promo spots, but Jenelle seemed to face the backlash only after the show.

In the clip, Jenelle Evans and her fiance, David Eason, fight about the fact that it is now 4pm in the afternoon and no one has gone to pick up the key for the new house at the real estate agency. When David phones them, they are no longer available, and Jenelle throws a major tantrum, asking if she is supposed to “take Kaiser to a hotel.” Evidently, the thought of being pregnant and taking a child to sleep away from her house is unbearable.

In the midst of the drama, Kaiser, Jenelle Evans’ now three-year-old son, asks for a slice of pizza. She tells him he can have it if he sits in his high chair, but picks him up a little bit roughly and sets him down in the chair.

Although Kaiser did not cry out or seem disturbed, many Teen Mom 2 fans were.

After the episode aired, Jenelle Evans bemoaned on her Facebook with, “Let the hater parade begin.” When people asked why she was upset, she told them that the social media trolls were telling her she had thrown Kaiser into his seat and were pretty worried by her behavior.

“What the actual f**k?” one of Jenelle Evans’ friends wrote under neath her status declaring that things had gotten hot and heavy on social media.

Jenelle Evans has a long history of fighting with ex-boyfriends, but she maintains the this time with David is different. The pair are set to walk down the aisle this September.

Aside from fans believing Jenelle Evans manhandled Kaiser, the clip showed Jenelle Evans complaint about the fact that her fiance, then boyfriend, was always out with her friends. She stated that she felt so alone all of the time without him there.

Although the argument was certainly explosive, the pair must have worked things out in order to set their wedding date.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]