Florence Welch Stops A Gig To Break Up A Fight [Video]

Florence Welch stopped her gig in Aberdeen on Sunday December 9, to break up a fight in the crowd.

The incident occurred during Florence And The Machine’s gig at Aberdeen’s Exhibition and Conference Centre, in Scotland. Welch was performing her band’s hit “Shake It Out,” when the singer noticed several members of the audience pushing and fighting at the front of the stage.

She stopped the song and uttered, “Excuse me, all of you – stop it.” She then spotted that a young girl was crying and said, “Is she going to be OK? Are you alright my love?”

Welch then climbed down off the stage, despite not having any shoes on, and comforted the girl by giving her a huge hug, which drew screams of delight from those in the vicinity.

Once she returned to the microphone she told the crowd, “Everyone who’s friends, kiss and make up and be good to each other.” She then went on to start the song again as if nothing had happened, with the thousands in attendance then chanting her name repeatedly.

Later in the show, Welch stated, “I can’t sing this song while there is a fight going on in front of me. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, just sort it out and be friends. I feel like a teacher.”

A video of the ordeal has since been released on Youtube and you can watch it unfold below. Are you impressed by Florence’s actions? Or should she have just let the ordeal progress without interruption?