Church Explodes On Thieves During Houston Robbery [Video]

Houston, TX – A group of thieves got more than they bargained for when a church suddenly exploded during their robbery attempt, according to ABC News.

The gang of copper bandits attempted to steal some electric cables from the Westway Baptist Church on Wednesday evening. However, the thieves were confronted by an unexpected explosion when they attempted to cut the wires with bolt cutters.

Surveillance footage shows one suspect attempting to cut power to the church from across the street. Another thief then goes to remove the electrical wires with the cutters. Upon contact with the electrified copper, the cutters exploded in the man’s hands.

Black America Web reports that the church is currently without power. In order to provide Sunday services for their congregation, officials had to rent a generator. Although the building will have limited power for the weekend, Wednesday services were cancelled as a result of the attempted robbery.

“We can start the generator for eight hours only to minimize expenses,” explained head deacon Michael Kirtley. “Our [insurance] deductible is $5,000. This robbery is going to cost the church a lot.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first stroke of bad luck that has befallen the Westway Baptist Church. Several air conditions were stolen from the house of worship last year.

According to the International Business Times, the suspects are still at large. Authorities have warned hospitals and area doctors to be on the lookout for anyone suffering from suspicious burns.


Kirtley was surprised the wounded suspect with the wire cutters was able to walk away from the incident. Considering the man is showered in sparks following the explosion, he’s very lucky to be counted among the living.

“I surely don’t know if he was electrocuted or even alive,” the deacon explained.

What do you think about the church that exploded during a failed robbery? Do you think this was divine intervention?