July 17, 2017
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sam Update - Toxoplasmosis Diagnosed By Finn

General Hospital spoilers offer an update from GH set insiders on Sam Morgan's (Kelly Monaco) medical diagnosis. A brain tumor was the first theory that came out and then further set leaks said Sam has an infection brought on by the dirty conditions in which she gave birth to little Scout. Now a new update has leaked from the set that says it's not meningitis, but toxoplasmosis.

Evolving health diagnosis for Sam

When GH spoilers leak from the set, it's important to note that imperfect information comes out but then evolves and gets more accurate closer to the air date. We also must remember that the current GH writing regime of Shelly Altman and the retiring-soon Jean Passanante change things as they write. Remember when they started the GH serial killer case without choosing a killer?

In the case of Sam's health decline, they may have begun writing with a tumor in mind and then fan reaction caused them to shift gears away from something too similar to Franco Baldwin's (Roger Howarth) medical history. Now it seems they've landed on toxoplasmosis. If you've ever been pregnant, you no doubt read a pamphlet on this illness at your local OB/GYN office.

What is toxoplasmosis and how did Sam get it?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sam's increasingly erratic behavior will continue and it aligns nicely with the symptoms of toxoplasmosis. With acute cases of this infection, victims can suffer psychotic symptoms that may mimic schizophrenia where patients see and hear hallucinations. That's exactly what is going on with Sam as she's stalked by an imaginary Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

Sam gave birth to Scout in icky circumstances down in a dirty culvert. Most warnings to pregnant women about toxoplasmosis involve not touching cat litter or poo. However, this parasite can live in other animals including farm animals, and since she was down near the river in a wet area giving birth, there is no telling what sort of grime washed up around her exposing her to health risks.

Scout at risk, will the baby be okay?

Giving birth is like opening a wound in your body so while Sam's body was undergoing the trauma of birth, that parasite could have easily gotten into her body. The good news is that Scout was less at risk because Sam got infected as she was giving birth and not while pregnant. The prognosis for babies exposed to it in the womb is bad, but since Sam didn't have it while pregnant, Scout should be okay.

Other good news about this illness is that Sam can't pass the infection on to Jason Morgan (Billy Miller). It doesn't pass from person to person and Sam should not have been able to infect Scout. However, the GH writers are sloppy so they might write it that way anyway. Or they could write it so that Scout was infected at birth since she was at the same place Sam was infected. Scout gets sick next week.


Will Sam die if she doesn't get treatment?

Today on General Hospital, Sam was cornered by Jason and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) about skipping her follow-up doctor appointment. Sam had no choice but to submit to an exam and Dr. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) ran some neurological tests that will be back in a few days. However, soap time isn't real time, so it could be next week before Griffin knows anything - and a lot can happen by then.

GH spoilers reveal that Sam is slowly losing her mind and imaginary Sonny is tormenting her. With acute toxoplasmosis, if Sam doesn't get treatment, she could die. Toxoplasmosis requires an antibiotic and another drug, but it is curable. However, the clock is running down on Sam's crazy behavior. Griffin will call in Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) to consult on the case, and he'll figure it out.


Scout sick next week - Sam could benefit

Upcoming General Hospital spoilers for this week and next promise that Scout gets sick and is rushed to GH. A frightened Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) hurries to be with her granddaughter. Finn and Griffin work together to diagnose mother and child, according to spoilers from TV Source. With those two on the case, no doubt they will figure out that it's toxoplasmosis.

However, before Sam is diagnosed, General Hospital spoilers reveal she will go off the rails, and she shoots Sonny. The upside to Sonny being shot (yet again) is that he gets a visit from ghostly Stone Cates (Michael Sutton) while he's out of it. It's just a cameo, but a nice callback from the past. Check out more spoilers on what happens after Sonny is shot and sees Stone.


Be sure to watch GH every weekday, and if you miss an episode, you can catch up on older episodes on ABC's website. Come back soon for more General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 17 and be sure not to miss these GH spoilers for Tuesday, July 18.

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