‘Southern Charm’ Reunion Landon Says She Can’t Help That Flirtatious Is Just Who She Is [SPOILERS]

Southern Charm Landon says she's just flirtatious

With the Southern Charm Season 4 reunion over and done, perhaps the biggest question is will there be a Southern Charm Season 5? Neither Bravo nor the cast is ready or willing to answer that question just yet, but it’s fair to say that almost everyone got confronted on this Southern Charm reunion. Tonight, in particular, it wasn’t just Kathryn Dennis coming from Landon Clements, because Chelsea Meissner, the new girl on Southern Charm is calling Landon out about not believing in girl code, and certainly not flirting with other people’s dates.

On last week’s Southern Charm reunion part one, fans got a teaser that Chelsea Meissner, Southern Charm new girl will not be going quietly when asked about her interactions with Landon and with Shep. Chelsea wants fans to know that she was coming to the reunion, to tell the truth, and to give the details about the things that fans didn’t see. Chelsea confirmed that while she was dating Austen, Shep did grab her forcefully and tried to kiss her. But more importantly, Chelsea came to the reunion to talk about the way Landon carries herself when it comes to respecting other women and steering clear of the men they are dating. In the press recently even Southern Charm cast members Craig and Shep have called Landon’s recent behavior into question with Craig calling Landon “delusional.”

For this year’s Southern Charm reunion nobody was left without back-up and new girl Chelsea Meissner has obviously bonded with Kathryn Dennis. Both Chelsea and Kathryn believe that like “Bro Code” there is also “Girl Code” which should also be obeyed. Chelsea was offended that Landon flirted with Austen when Landon knew the two were together. But Landon says no, she has nothing to apologize for because being flirtatious is just who she is.

“No. It’s my personality. I’m just like that. A happy, go-lucky, and if that’s flirting fine. I don’t think I have anything to apologize for.”

But Chelsea obviously didn’t agree, but it was Kathryn who spoke out, saying that it’s unfortunate that Landon can’t just own it.

“Because it’s a situation again where Landon says, ‘I didn’t think I did anything wrong.’ Regardless of whether it was wrong, right, whatever, it clearly looked questionable and there’s a lot of questionable things about you.”

Rather than try to understand what Chelsea and Kathryn are saying, Landon just responds that Chelsea and Kathryn must be insecure. This was not something that Chelsea or Kathryn was going to let go without a comment. Chelsea shut it down, and Kathryn spoke directly to Landon.

“I’m not insecure. I’m just tired of listening to you lie.”

Chelsea never lost her cool during the Southern Charm reunion and laid out her case about Landon being all over Austen during the hunting trip when it was obvious that Chelsea and Austen were sharing a cabin. Chelsea explained to Landon that it wasn’t a good look, and if roles were reversed, she would never have fawned over Landon’s date. At that point, Landon demures a bit, asking if she is allowed to be friends with Austen.

But Kathryn wants Chelsea to know that if there is smoke, there might be fire.

“Chelsea, if you think that there was something probably going on, [you] might be right.”


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But it’s funny how alliances can change when it comes to Southern Charm. Chelsea didn’t only have issues with Landon, but she called Shep out for being a different person after a few drinks. Chelsea explains that she has known Shep for years, so it was unlikely that she would ever date him when he is still in the thick of his party boy ways. But Landon was quick to agree with Chelsea saying that for the first time on Southern Charm, viewers got to see the real Shep.

We finally got to see the real Shep. “They’ve been sugar coating him for a while now.”

What did you think of the Southern Charm reunion part two? What did you think of Kathryn and Chelsea teaming up?

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