‘BB19’ News: Paul Makes Plans To Dress In Blackface, Fans Erupt Over Idea

Paul Abrahamian has upset a lot of Big Brother 19 fans with something he was heard saying on the live feeds. TMZ shared how Paul revealed that he wants to dress up like black face so that he can make fun of Dominique. The house is going to erupt with racist controversy if he goes through with it, and Paul’s idea has upset people.

Over the weekend, Paul Abrahamian shared his plans on the live feeds. Dominique and Paul aren’t getting along at all, so for some reason, he wants to mock her. Paul was whispering to the other guests in the BB19 house about his plans. He even said he wanted a “black mask” and that he would wear leggings. He also used the term “blackface.” Paul did also say that he was trying to look snake-like because he calls her a snake all the time.

TMZ even reached out to CBS, but they haven’t shared their thoughts yet. Production could keep Paul from going through with this, or he could end up doing it and upsetting a lot of people. Right now, he has the BB19 fans on his good side, and they have been voting for him when America gets to help choose. If Paul upsets America, that could really mess with his game. Right now, he is in a good spot, but just saying this on the BB19 live feeds might be enough to get people to turn against him.

Paul is even talking about doing it during the veto ceremony. He tells everyone not to say anything about his big plans. It is obvious that he doesn’t want Dominique to find out.

Celebrities have dressed in blackface before for things such as Halloween, and they have really upset people. Julianne Hough of Dancing with the Stars really upset people with her Orange Is the New Black-themed costume.

Are you shocked to hear that Paul Abrahamian would want to dress up in blackface to make fun of Dominique? Do you feel like this would be a huge mistake for his game? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Big Brother 19 on CBS on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights.

[Featured Image by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images]