Daniel Radcliffe Thrown Out Of Bar, Was Previously Two Years Sober

James Johnson

Daniel Radcliffe quit drinking in 2010 after admitting that he often drank and was drunk while filming the last several Harry Potter movies. On Wednesday night, it appeared that Radcliffe fell off the wagon as he was told to leave New York's Beauty Bar.

While Radcliffe was not removed by force, he was encouraged by management to grab a taxi; in other words, he was thrown out politely.

According to Jezebel, Radcliffe got into a fight with the DJ after he requested a Dusty Springfield song. Why the argument started has not been revealed.

A snoop tells the NY Post:

"All was in good fun, and a special request for a Dusty Springfield song was even granted before a Jagerbomb-fueled Radcliffe got into a twist with the DJ."

In the meantime, Daniel Radcliffe continues to keep himself very busy. His movie Kill Your Darlings is completed while the The F Word and Horns are both in post-production.

Radcliffe also recently took part in the British television series A Young Doctor's Notebook. He stars in the series alongside American actor Jon Hamm.

Are you surprised by Daniel Radcliffe's sudden behavior? I'll chalk this one up to a single rowdy night in an otherwise quiet two years for the A-List actor.