‘DOOL’ Spoilers For Week Of July 17-21: Abigail Discovers Her Mistake Too Late

The Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of July 17-21 reveal that Abigail’s (Marci Miller) marriage may be on the rocks when she discovers Dario’s (Jordi Vilasuso) dark side. Andre (Thaoo Penghlis), Theo (Kyler Pettis), and Abigail work together to find the evidence that will bring Dario down. In fact, Theo plays a pivotal role in her getting the evidence she needs by hacking into Dario’s laptop and nearly gets caught in the act. But Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that the trio works together to prove that Dario is involved in the counterfeit cash business and find what they’re looking for.

Armed with the evidence, Abigail confronts her new husband, according to the latest spoilers. Days of Our Lives fans can expect fireworks as Dario threatens her with a photo on his cellphone of her baby’s father, Chad (Billy Flynn), standing over Deimos’ (Vincent Irizarry) dead body. Dario will tell Abigail that unless she cooperates and keeps quiet, the photo will end up in the cops’ hands. However, spoilers reveal that the Salem PD have their own investigation underway, and Days of Our Lives fans will see Dario arrested by the end of the wee k thanks to Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Rafe’s (Galen Gering) sterling detective work. On Friday, July 21, Hope will tell Rafe the truth about his brother Dario, according to SheKnows Soaps.


In the meantime, spoilers indicate that Chad’s gut feeling is telling him that something is wrong with Abigail. The two are clearly still in love, so when Theo tells him the news about Dario’s shady business, he will contact Abigail. Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Chad’s famous DiMera nature will come through, and he will try to protect her at all costs. However, Abigail will want to handle the situation by herself, and it seems as if JJ agrees that Chad needs to stay away. During the week of July 17-21, expect to see JJ warning Chad not to hurt his sister, since he is well aware that Abigail still carries a torch for her ex-husband. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that even after Dario’s arrest, he will continue to hold the photo over Abigail’s head.

Lucas (Bryan Datillo) always seems to be the third wheel in his own relationships. This is particularly evident as the Sonny (Freddie Smith) mystery unravels, and Adrienne (Judi Evans) and Justin (Wally Kurth) share close moments as they bond over his dilemma. Lucas will see the two comforting each other, and according to Days of Our Lives spoilers, he won’t like it at all.


Other Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Andre and Kate (Lauren Koslow) will have a “messy” altercation. It seems as if their marriage of convenience has not tempered their willful nature, and Days of Our Lives fans can expect an explosive showdown on Thursday, July 20.

Who has been helping Anjelica in her revenge plot against Adrienne? Days of Our Lives spoilers can finally state that is none other than Hattie (Deidre Hall), who has been backing her up. The two will continue to plot and scheme to take Adrienne down!

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