Leah Messer’s Parenting Slammed Over New Footage [Video]

Teen Mom 2 doesn’t premiere until tonight, but Leah Messer is already under fire for footage that has been released ahead of the show. The reality TV star has previously faced criticism from fans and viewers for the fact that she often puts her daughters in heavy makeup, especially for their cheer competitions. Many have told Leah Messer they feel this is totally inappropriate and frequently open up on her Instagram to tell her so.

This time, Leah Messer is on the chopping block for a scene in which she is driving her three daughters home after a long day of school. All three of them are riding home in Leah’s car when Leah tells them about her day at school. The Teen Mom 2 star has enrolled in West Virginia State University to earn her degree.

One of Leah’s twin daughters, Gracie, rolls her eyes and tells her mother she is tired of hearing her talk about school and that all her mother does is talk about her days at school.

At one point, Gracie even puts her hands over her ears, shouting, “Blah blah blah!”

Leah Messer tells Gracie that she isn’t being very nice to her by acting like that and asks that she be nicer toward her mother when she is talking, especially since Leah is interested in everything they do.

Several fans who have seen the video were totally appalled by the child’s behavior, saying things such as, “Gracie deserves to be slapped in the mouth.” or “My mom would’ve reached in the back so fast.”

Many felt that Leah Messer does not have a good handle on her children’s behavior and that Gracie’s entitled attitude is indicative of that. Leah, however, has certainly come a long way since her addiction to pills and losing primary custody of her daughters, so a little bit of lip from her children might be expected to happen here and there.

Leah Messer’s Teen Mom 2 season might be calmer than the rest of the young women on the show, but it looks like she will still have drama with her ex, Jeremy Calvert, and his new fiancee will have some serious issues with his and Leah’s relationship.

[Featured Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]