Kate Middleton And Prince William Arrive In Poland, ‘Too Cute’ George And Charlotte Steal The Show

When Kate Middleton and Prince William decided to take their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, with them on their European tour, they knew they’d have some stiff competition for the spotlight. Entertainment Tonight wrote that the little prince and princess have already shown the world that they are the cutest royals around.

The youngest royals were totally prepared to be stars as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Poland with their children on July 17. They were spotted eagerly crowded together at the plane window so that they could both peek out for a first once-over of the waiting crowd.

Neither Prince George nor Princess Charlotte appeared to be uneasy, but they both had serious looks on their little faces as they surveyed their audience before leaving the plane. When the family of four disembarked, George took a moment to hold his father’s hand at the plane door and carefully take in the crowd of fans.

Middleton, looking glamorous in her new summer haircut, carried Princess Charlotte down the steps and could be seen smiling reassuringly at her as the 2-year-old seemed to have some second thoughts about her role. Kate’s little girl adjusted quickly and was delighted to show off her red-and-white print dress and matching bright red shoes as she snuggled in her mother’s arms.

kate Middleton, Prince William, George , and Charlotte are visiting Poland as part of a Brexit soft diplomacy strategy
Kate Middleton smiles reassuringly as Princess Charlotte takes in the waiting crowd. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

George stepped out in his plaid button-down shirt and navy shorts, but he didn’t smile as much as usual and clung to Prince William’s hand. George was curious about the crowd and occasionally asked a question, which William bent to answer.

Kate Middleton and Prince Willliam took teh children with them on their Brexit tour.
On the first day of Kate Middleton and Prince William's Brexit visit to Poland, George had many questions. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

E! News wrote that once the initial greetings were over, Kate Middleton and Prince William, with the two children, were escorted to Belweder Palace, their base for the time they spend in Poland. George and Charlotte will find something to smile about when they see the preparations for their stay.

Yesterday, in anticipation of the royal visit, the Polish president tweeted a pic of the toy room and back yard climbing set fit for a prince and princess! Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have full run of the toys and play area while Kate Middleton and Prince William carry out official business.


Even with their solemn expressions, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s children completely stole the hearts of everyone who saw them.


[Featured Image Chris Jackson/Getty Images]