Matt Damon’s Scintillating ‘Playboy’ Interview: ‘I’m Boring’

Matt Damon doesn’t talk much about his personal life, but the guarded movie star opened up about his wife and children in the January/February issue of Playboy.

Damon has been married to Luciana Barroso for seven years, and the couple have two children: 6-year-old Isabella, and 4-year-old Gia, reports MSN. Compared to other stars like George Clooney and Brad Pitt, Damon said that he leads a fairly mundane personal life. Still, there are perks to being largely ignored by the gossip media:

“The narrative about me kind of goes, ‘He’s a boring married guy,’ which is great, because I don’t get any of that other stuff like Brad Pitt and George Clooney do. People think I’m kind of vanilla and they leave me alone to work, have an actual private life and be a husband and dad.”

The 42-year-old Promised Land star continued:

“Lucy and the girls can definitely bring me to my knees. They just know. My wife gives me s— because it’s harder for me to discipline my girls, probably because they’re girls. With boys, I could relate more and it would probably be easier. Growing up, girls are so mysterious to us. Even as a grown man, they remain mysterious.”

He also admitted his own shortcomings when it comes to keeping the spark in his marriage:

“I wish I were better because my wife deserves somebody who surprises her with a gift or flowers or some wonderful idea. I’ve never been good at that, and she’s really good at it, which makes me feel even more like s—.”

Damon recalled a story when he realized what a lucky guy he is:

“When I turned 40, I had my whole family and some friends together. I realized I had to make a toast and hadn’t thought of anything to say I stood up, and what came to me seemed incredibly true in the moment and even more so as time has gone by. I said, ‘I think I might actually be the luckiest guy on earth. I really might be him.’”

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