D23 Expo 2017: Disney Could Bring Back Old-Time Parades, Shows, And More For Limited Returns At Disney Parks

Over the weekend at the D23 Expo 2017, there were a lot of huge announcements regarding the new things coming to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and other Disney Parks around the world, but what about the old things? Some people may have missed it or not realized it, but Disney did tease the return of some old-school favorites during the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts presentation. In particular, NUMBER was mentioned by name.

Last year, one of the biggest moves that happened was the Main Street Electrical Parade ending its run at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and heading back to Disneyland. It was a return that no one saw coming and one that also brought back a lot of fond memories for many people.

During the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts presentation at the D23 Expo this past Saturday, Bob Chapek revealed many great new things happening at the parks in the coming years. Still, there was something else that the chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts also revealed, and it is that a lot of old-time parades, shows, and more could be on their way back.

Not a lot of specific information was given, but as revealed by the Disney Parks Blog, a lot of hints were dropped.

When the Main Street Electrical Parade was announced as returning to Disneyland, it was done so with a very unique and creative commercial. Disney showed a warehouse that housed and stored all of their old attractions, rides, shows, parades, and more that aren’t regularly there any longer.

As thrilling as that is, Chapek wanted to expand on the idea that Disney has a lot of things stored in a warehouse somewhere, and he teased some other things from the past may be returning. Chapek said he wanted to “keep some things a surprise,” so he wouldn’t reveal what is coming next. However, he did have a bit of a teaser.

During the presentation at the D23 Expo, performers headed out on stage to perform a medley of entertainment numbers from Disney Parks throughout the years.

Golden Horseshoe Cafe

While the Golden Horseshoe Saloon still stands at Disneyland Park and can be used as a dining location, the stage show ended long ago. As D23 reported, the final performance took place October 12, 1986, but it seems as if there could be a limited run of stage performances again one day.

Carousel of Progress

The Carousel of Progress is one of Walt Disney’s first attractions, and he introduced it to the world at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. On July 2, 1967, it debuted at Disneyland and ended up closing on September 9, 1973, much to the dismay of many Disney lovers. The pavilion where the rotating attraction through time once stood has been used for many other things since its closure.

If this were to return, it would easily be one of the biggest things ever.

Mad T Party

It was a crazy idea but one that many enjoyed, and it took place at Disney California Adventure park for two separate runs. One went from summer of 2012 to fall of 2014, and the second run went from May of 2015 until March of 2016, but it hasn’t been heard from since.

This wild Alice in Wonderland themed party was a bit strange and off the wall, but many guests loved the fun, and it could return.

Tapestry of Nations

This parade made its debut at Epcot on October 1, 1999, and it came about in time for the millennium. The Tapestry of Nations was a beautiful parade celebrating the countries of the world, and it had one of the most memorable theme songs in Disney history, but it only ran until September 9, 2001.

It may go without saying, but many Disney fans would love to see this return.


The long-running nighttime fireworks spectacular at the Magic Kingdom just ended its run in May as it was replaced by Happily Ever After, but Chapek wanted fans to know it may not be totally retired.

walt disney world disneyland old close shows parades golden horseshoe

This performance isn’t to say that all or any of these Disney favorites will make a return, but it was interesting to see what they used to tease the fans.

There are some exciting and brand new things coming to Epcot in the future. Disneyland will have a bigger Marvel presence and a lot more Pixar. New attractions and a Star Wars Resort hotel are coming to Walt Disney World. All of this was announced at the D23 Expo, and it is incredibly exciting, but people have soft spots for their past favorites that were taken away. If Bob Chapek has anything to say about things, it seems as if some of your longtime bygone favorites could be making a return.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision for Disney Store/AP Images]