Michigan Union Protesters Destroy Hot Dog Vendor’s Cart, Use Racial Slurs

Lansing, MI — Union protesters apparently don’t believe that the popular “hot dog guy” has the right to work.

In mobilizing at the state capitol to oppose the now signed Michigan right-to-work law, the same union protesters who slugged Steven Crowder there Tuesday destroyed the hot dog cart of apolitical hot dog vendor Clint Tarver outside of the capitol building. They also reportedly taunted him with racial slurs in the process.

The Lansing State Journal provides further information on small businessman Clint Tarver, who owns of Clint’s Hot Dog Cart and Casual Catering

“Tarver, a familiar face in downtown Lansing who usually has his hot dog cart out near Capitol and Michigan Avenue, was serving Americans For Prosperity members in their tent on the Capitol lawn Tuesday when it was destroyed …”

” ‘I was trying to salvage some of my stuff but my friend, he works at the Capitol, he said, ‘Don’t worry about that. You gotta get out of there,’ Tarver said. ‘So, I crawled out of the tent as they cut it. My tables were being spilled and stepped on. It was all just destroyed. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing.’ “

The Blaze has more information on the union violence directed at Clint Tarver:

“Tarver confirmed that he was targeted with racial slurs, including the ‘n-word’ and people saying ‘you’re on the wrong side.’

” ‘I said to them. “I’m here for a job. I’m not on this side, I’m not on that side.’ ‘I’m here for a job.’ Tarver recounted. ‘And I just stood there and took it.’ “

Michigan union violence against Clint Tarver

An online fundraising effort was launched to put Tarver back in business, with an original goal of $2000. It has already raised $30,000. The AFP also pitched in to replace his destroyed equipment and supplies. “I just feel so blessed,” Tarver said. “I mean, I didn’t know I had touched so many people.”

Watch a video about Clint Tarver, affectionately known in Lansing, Michigan, as the hot dog guy:

Watch an interview with Clint Tarver about being attacked by a union mob on Tuesday afternoon at the Michigan state capitol:

Watch Clint Tarver’s interview on FNC today: