Dylan McDermott Joins Stephen King’s Adaptation ‘Mercy’

Looks like Dylan McDermott has another gig. This time around McDermott is whipping out his chops he practiced on season 1 of American Horror Story, for the Stephen King adaptation of Mercy. According to Hollywood Reporter, McDermott has signed up for a film titled Mercy, which will be yet another work adapted from Stephen King.

The thriller is said to be directed by Peter Cornwell, and the story is said to revolve around two brothers (Chandler Riggs and Joel Courtney) who are called to take care of their grandmother. However, there’s a twist, and their grandmother turns out to be a witch, who made an evil deal using black magic years ago.

Dylan McDermott, who’s been a seasoned actor for years now, is said to play a man who had a relationship with the mother (Frances O’Connor) and has feelings for her despite the fact that she’s married. Mercy, of course is based on King’s short story Gramma, which was pushed way back when in 1984 for Weirdbook magazine.

Recently, McDermott has been on a roll in the industry. Earlier Dylan was part of the ensemble for The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and of course he was featured in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story. McDermott also reappeared on the second season of American Horror Story: The Asylum. If you haven’t watched yet, read no further. Recently it was revealed that the actor was the mysterious Bloody Face character that killed off Adam Levine in the beginning of the season.

No word on when Mercy plans to shoot. Dylan McDermott is repped by CAA.