‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Calls Out Cast As ‘Yankees’ Says Bravo Tried To Label Him ‘Abortionist’

With the Southern Charm Season 4 reunion Part 2 airing tonight, Thomas Ravenel is melting down on social media, calling out his Southern Charm cast members, and saying that the show is fake because the cast is full of “Yankees,” which is starting to sound like a bad word. At odds seems to be suggestions of hypocrisy after Ravenel praised Jennifer Snowden for not having an abortion but reportedly urged Kathryn Dennis, the mother of his children, to have one with each pregnancy. Early this morning, Thomas posted on Instagram that the cast of Southern Charm was dedicated to his “ruination.” But with all of this Yankee versus southerner talk making Thomas Ravenel sound like his father, Arthur Ravenel?

Star of Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel is no stranger to getting into hot water on social media, often calling names and threatening to quit the Bravo show. Just this season he posted something questioning the intelligence of Southern Charm co-star Craig Conover after Conover called out Ravenel’s parenting on the show. At other times, Ravenel has gotten into the habit of “tweeting and deleting,” but not before Southern Charm fans can grab a screen shot. This morning he suggested once again that he was quitting and Bravo can replace him with Yankees. But Ravenel’s quitting posts on social media have been going on since the show started. Ravenel often complains about the way the shows him behaving.

“Since I am so insanely portrayed on SC; never will I work with them again. This is supposed to be reality, not fiction.”

At approximately five this morning, star of Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel seems to want to get ahead of the Southern Charm reunion which will air tonight. He posted on Instagram suggesting that the cast of Southern Charm is out to get him

“It’s pretty pathetic when my castmates follow and support a blogger who spreads lie about me and is dedicated to my ruination. Very disappointing. If I never talk to these a***oles again I’ll be perfectly fine. None are even from Charleston.”

Thomas Ravenel has morning meltdown

It’s uncertain which blogger Ravenel is talking about, but he is correct that nobody else on the show is from Charleston (yet the show is not called Charleston Charm, it’s Southern Charm). All cast members were born south of the Mason-Dixon line with the exception of Craig Conover, so by that definition, they are southern. But then Ravenel goes on to talk about wanting anonymity, but why go on a reality show?

However, Thomas went on to complain about being portrayed as an “abortionist,” which is a misnomer. An abortionist would be someone who performs an abortion, and it’s unlikely that Bravo believes that Ravenel is using his guest house to do abortions.

“I literally had to threaten Bravo to not label me an abortionist. Lies, lies, and more lies all for ratings. Reputation and integrity be damned for the almighty $.”

Thomas Ravenel complains about Bravo

All the talk of abortion is about a comment said in a whisper while filming the Southern Charm reunion. Thomas Ravenel was on camera saying that he has a brother with Down’s Syndrome, and so his opinion of Jennifer Snowden was greatly improved when he heard that Jennifer had chosen not to abort her pregnancy after learning her then fetus might have a birth defect.

“These days they take tests for pregnant women and if they find there’s any incidence of Down’s syndrome they advise a woman to have an abortion.”

Then Thomas commented that Jennifer’s decision not to terminate her pregnancy made her a good person.

“And she’s saying ‘no I choose life’ I said, “this is a good person.”

But just a few feet down the couch, Kathryn Dennis, the mother of Ravenel’s two children, whispered to confidante Craig Conover that Thomas was being hypocritical as he had suggested that she terminated both pregnancies.

“He told me to have one, both times.”

When Ravenel got wind of what Kathryn said to Craig while he was expounding on Jennifer’s choice, he made threats to make sure that viewers never heard Kathryn say that Ravenel told her to have an abortion with both pregnancies. Ravenel believed that people might believe he is pro-choice, and he still has not shut the door on running for office again.


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But on social media, fans were even more puzzled about Thomas Ravenel’s comments on Yankees, even using the word vermin.

In 2017 “Yankee” is not generally considered a bad word, and many of those who commented on social media thought Ravenel sounded like a throwback to another time.

Star of Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel has often boasted that his family has long been in Charleston, and in Charleston politics, and that includes his father, Arthur Ravenel, who has also been called out for some comments that were considered “behind the times.” The New York Times published an article by Bob Herbert a few years ago about Arthur Ravenel using the word “retarded” despite having a son with Down’s Syndrome. In the same piece, he dissed the NAACP and praised the Confederate flag. Arthur Ravenel explained to Herbert that he is not a racist.

“But he recently referred to the N.A.A.C.P., which is leading a campaign to have the flag removed from the Statehouse, as ”the National Association of Retarded People.” And when the slur resulted in an uproar, he apologized — not to the N.A.A.C.P., but to ”retarded people” for mistakenly associating them with the N.A.A.C.P.”

Ravenel told Herbert that the NAACP was the enemy and he was not going to apologize to them.

”So far as I’m concerned, they are the enemy. They have instituted an economic boycott of the state and that’s a war of sorts.”

Why do you think that with the Southern Charm reunion comment already in the press, Thomas Ravenel posted his comments this morning on Instagram?

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