Adam Lind Spends Time With Daughter Amid Drug Use Allegations, Did He Quit ‘Teen Mom 2’?

Adam Lind has reunited with his youngest daughter, Paislee Mae, after shocking drug allegations were made against him.

As his oldest daughter, Aubree Houska, traveled to Florida with her mother, Chelsea Houska, and stepfather, Cole DeBoer, Adam Lind enjoyed some fun in the sun with Paislee and his two dogs.

In a photo shared on Facebook days ago, Paislee is seen sitting in a small swimming pool with Adam Lind’s bulldogs, who appear to be enjoying the cool water.

Adam Lind’s latest Facebook update comes just weeks after news hit the web claiming his former girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, was concerned for their daughter’s safety and his rumored drug use.

Weeks ago, Radar Online shared court documents filed by Halbur earlier this year which suggested Adam Lind was not only reportedly using meth, but also allegedly doing cocaine. As Halbur explained in her court papers, she and Adam Lind previously came to an agreement for their daughter but because he is reportedly no longer stable, she wants the agreement thrown out and to have Lind adhere to supervised visitation with their child.

Taylor Halbur also noted that one of Adam Lind’s ex-girlfriends had informed her that Lind was allegedly in possession of cocaine at least once during their relationship.

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While the outcome of the custody battle is not yet known, Adam Lind has been able to see his youngest child in recent weeks. As for his older daughter, Aubree, it’s hard to say when he last saw her as she seems to spend the majority of her time with her mom.

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In other Adam Lind news, the reality dad shocked fans on Facebook earlier this month when he shared a photo of himself looking quite thin as he sat with his daughter Aubree.

While Adam Lind’s co-stars, including his former girlfriend Chelsea Houska, are set to return to MTV tonight for the eighth season of Teen Mom 2, rumors months ago suggested that Lind had quit the series after Season 7 and would not be featured at all during Season 8.

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