’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ Recap: Danielle Reveals She And Mohammed Consummated Their Marriage

Last Sunday on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Danielle revealed personal and explosive details about her short-lived marriage with Mohamed. Anfisa’s fights with Jorge blew up when his sister came to intervene. Pao and Russ began to doubt whether their relationship will last, and Chantel discovers a secret about Pedro. Meanwhile, Loren and Alexei painfully explored the effects of her disease. Read on for our full recap below.

Pao & Russ

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 2, Episode 4 opens with Pao and Russ continuing their fight from last week. After walking out from the bar, Pao turns to her gay friend Juan. She vents out her frustrations, and Juan isn’t necessarily advising her to save her marriage.

Pao and Russ resume their spat in their hotel and the two question whether their marriage is going to last. However, by the next day, they kind of make up.

Out of the five returning 90 Day Fiance couples, Pao and Russ have been married the longest. They have been together since 2013 and were featured in the show’s first season. Based on Pao’s recent Instagram posts, the two are still married but are living in different states.

Chantel & Pedro

Chantel returns home from their major drama last week: her wild bachelorette party. Pedro is obviously not pleased, but the two make up in no time.

Next, they go shopping for an engagement ring. Pedro has a $700 budget, but Chantel has her eyes set on a $4,000 ring. Later, Chantel finds out that not only did Pedro spend more than $2,000 on video games, he’s also been sending money to his family back in the Dominican Republic.

Loren & Alexei

Last week, Loren learned that her Tourette’s Syndrome has a 50 percent chance of being passed down to her future children. Now, she and Alexei have to tell this information to Alexei’s mom who was visiting from Israel.

Alexei’s mom tears up when she learns the gravity of Loren’s condition, and this upsets Loren. She cries and bolts to the bathroom. Her Jewish mother-in-law seems to be nice, though, and she reassures Loren that it’s okay.


Loren is now an ambassador for the Tourette Association of America, and she’s been speaking out more about the disease lately. In a recent podcast interview, Loren said that she’s finally found her calling and that it’s “very rewarding” to help other people in the same situation.

“If I could help at least one person who is dealing with it and feels like [he’s] alone, then I’ve done the right thing. It’s a very rewarding feeling.”

Jorge & Anfisa

At another post-nup meeting with their lawyers, Anfisa finds out that Jorge’s sister was coming to have dinner with them. She gets upset and hits Jorge. Again. She then turns off her mic and asks the cameras to stop filming. Anfisa complains that she doesn’t want to interact with Jorge’s family, but she grudgingly agrees to meet with his sister.

Jorge’s sister Lourdes is no pushover. She sniffs Anfisa’s materialistic attitude and begins to give her a piece of her mind.

“Anfisa’s attitude was awful. I just needed to tell her the truth. I see him sad, upset and hurt, that does concern me and I am gonna say something.”

Anfisa is hurt that Jorge doesn’t defend her, so she tells Lourdes off. But Lourdes’ retort pushes Anfisa to her limits and she walks out.

“So wait, when you have money, that’s when she spreads her legs?”

Danielle & Mohamed

The real drama of last night’s 90 Day Fiance episode is Danielle’s explosive revelations about her marriage with Mohamed. Danielle meets with her lawyer and drafts a plan on how to deport Mohamed.

Danielle cites fraud as a reason, but her lawyer warns her that it will be difficult to prove in court what Mohamed’s real intentions for marrying her were. The lawyer says the best reason for annulment is when the couple has not consummated their marriage.


Shockingly, Danielle admits that she and Mohamed have had sex. But, she adds that they’ve done it only once, three months after their wedding. She ponders on this for a moment and realizes that Mohamed might have done it just to ensure he wouldn’t be deported.

It does hurt because it could’ve been an avenue that I could use to get the annulment. I think he knew that he needed to consummate the marriage at least once so I couldn’t use it against him.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 2 airs every Sunday, 8 p.m. on TLC.

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