‘BB19’ News: Raven Walton’s Disease Revealed, Accused Of Using For Sympathy

This season on Big Brother 19, fans are getting to know Raven Walton. It turns out that she has a disease that she has talked about some on the show and she isn’t holding back on giving details. Bustle shared about what is wrong with Raven and how it affects her daily. She has Gastroparesis, described by WebMD as “a condition in which your stomach cannot empty itself of food in a normal fashion.”

Raven Walton has a pacemaker that helps her body with this disease. Raven actually seems to really enjoy her life and understands that each day is a blessing. The fans have enjoyed watching her play, even though she hasn’t been a huge focus this season just yet. Raven is somehow skating by and keeping from being a huge target.

In the house, Kevin even told Jason that he can’t say anything bad about Raven. He knows that if he does, fans will go crazy considering that she does have a disease. Some houseguests have been wondering if Raven Walton is using this disease as a way to get sympathy from fans. That could help her get votes from America when it is time for them to pick things, but you never know. The houseguests will be the ones voting most of the time anyway.

There have been a lot of articles coming out about Gastroparesis now that Raven Walton is in the house, but she obviously isn’t talking to anyone. She is bringing awareness to this disease by being on Big Brother 19, and will probably end up doing more public engagements once the show is over. This disease can cause a lot of issues, including bloating, appetite loss, and weight loss. There is no cure for this disease.


Did you realize that Raven Walton suffers from Gastroparesis? Do you feel like her being in the house shows people with this disease that they can do anything? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss the new episodes of Big Brother 19 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday each week on CBS. As the season goes on, more information about Raven Walton’s disease should be revealed if she sticks around a while.


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