'General Hospital' Spoilers: Liz Kidnapped, Sonny Shot, Stone Returns - Mob Violence Escalates

New General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sonny Corinthos' (Maurice Benard) efforts to get out of the mob are about to blow up lots of lives in Port Charles. Garvey (Rick Ravanello) is back in Port Charles soon and that's when things turn dark. Remember Garvey tried to punish Sonny down in Puerto Rico by holding Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) at gunpoint. Now Garvey is loose from the Puerto Rican officials that arrested him and is back for vengeance. Plus, by the end of the month, someone shoots Sonny and it changes everything.

Julian turned him down because he's staying legit but that didn't stop Garvey from getting revenge. Julian warned Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) who, in turn, flew to Puerto Rico to warn Sonny and grappled with Garvey himself. Jason wound up shot and Garvey was arrested, but that incident put Jason on Garvey's radar and that's important for what comes next.

Before Jason beat down Garvey in PR, the other mobster still thought Jason was dead. But now Garvey knows Jason is alive, and likely also knows that Liz is Jason's baby mama. If Garvey can't get to Sam, he can take Liz and use her for leverage to punish Jason and also Sonny. Liz's kidnapping goes down on Thursday, July 27, and Garvey tries to cover his tracks after stealing Jason's ex.

Behind the scenes info from the GH set indicates that Roger Howarth isn't back shooting new scenes until the week of July 24. That means he won't be on GH episodes until late August. It's nice that Carly does the rescuing and they didn't need a man to rescue them. There are no General Hospital spoiler details yet on the particulars of the kidnapping scheme so Carly and Liz might be taken together.

Sonny named Morgan after the young man and also donated a fortune to establish the Stone Cates Memorial AIDS Wing at General Hospital in his honor. Michael Sutton has returned now and then since Stone's death as a ghostly apparition and was last seen in 2010. No doubt Stone will have some solid advice for Sonny on his hoped-for transition from a mob boss to a regular guy.

With Sam's illness causing her to fixate on Sonny and the danger he represents to her family, Sam shooting him should serve as a major turning point in this story. Sonny faces losing those he loves including Carly, Michael, Jason, and Sam if he must stay in the business to protect them. Sonny has big choices ahead, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers.


Be sure to watch the ABC soap to see the groundwork for the big kidnapping plot in these General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 17. Then tune into GH the week of July 24 to see Liz's kidnapping, Carly's daring rescue, and Sonny facing off with Sam and a gun, according to these hot General Hospital spoilers.

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