Facebook For Android Gets Update, Now 200% Faster

The Facebook Android app was updated on Thursday, bringing with it major speed improvements that make the app 200 percent faster than the previous version.

To drastically increase app speeds, the team at Facebook reworked the program from the ground up, removing HTML 5 support and instead focusing on native code found through the Google Android SDK (Software Development Kit).

Along with faster Non-HTML 5 speeds, SocialNewsDaily lists the following new additions:

  • News feed and your Timeline load faster
  • Photos open with a tap so you can quickly like and comment
  • New Stories bar lets you see more stories without refreshing

Facebook’s biggest additions are faster load times and faster scrolling capabilities. However, the new app also features a New Stories bar, which only displays when new updates from your friends or pages are posted. The new bar shows users new updates as they scroll to catch up while reader older updates. Users can find the News Stories bar just below the navigation section on their mobile app.

Clicking the News Update bar will also bring the user back to the top of their Facebook app page.

The Facebook Android app is already being praised for its “neat and clean UI” and its “much faster” load times.

Facebook photo fans will particularly like the near instant access they receive for photo viewing, a feature that caused loading headaches on Facebook’s previous versions of its mobile OS.

You can use your Android smartphones update feature to receive the new Facebook Android app or you can download it from the Play Store.