Playing The Field: Bella Thorne Has ‘Benefits’ With Gregg Sulkin And Scott Disick

Bella Thorne is playing the field and enjoying it. Since ending a serious relationship with actor Gregg Sulkin, she has been dating her way around town. Bella Thorne has been linked to a series of Hollywood men. She most recently stepped out with Scott Disick, which has fans scratching their hands. Bella is only 19 while Scott is 33 years old. Since the former Disney star lost her father at a young age, it’s safe to say that she likes the thought of dating an older man. The new couple was most aptly spotted seen Lana Del Rey’s birthday party last month.

It looks like it’s serious between them. Bella Thorne often shows off the flowers and love notes she receives from Scott Disick on Instagram and Snapchat. It seems bizarre for a teenager to enjoy dating a famous father who’s spiraling out of control. Around the time they started dating, Scott Disick was in the middle of an alcohol bender.

Bella Thorne quickly left Cannes after their fling back in May. She seemed happy to get rid of him and claimed in an interview with Complex she didn’t like the fact that he drinks and parties so much. Scott Disick and Bella Thorne are still “hooking up.” It turns out that the couple is not serious. They are “casually dating” while seeing other people.

An inside source told PEOPLE that Scott Disick is still dating Bella Thorne while seeing other women on the side. Back at Cannes, the two seemed super cozy while soaking up the sun in Cannes. Bella Thorne was seen on a plane back to LAX and the two appeared to be over when Scott was seeing kissing several other women that same week.

bella thorne dating scott disick
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“Like before, he and Bella have an understanding. They’re just hanging out, hooking up and having fun. Bella loves to party and is soaking it up. She left a party over the weekend in a rush to go and hang out with him.”

Bella Thorne is having her fun on the side, as well. She loves being “friends with benefits” with her ex Gregg Sulkin. She knows that the 25-year-old is “just a text away,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

“When Bella feels lonely, it is Gregg that is only a text away to hang out. Bella loves Gregg and she can always count on him when she needs him for anything. Whether it is to talk or whether it is a hookup, Bella knows that she can count on Gregg to fulfill those needs.”

That’s no shock to Bella Thorne’s fans. She was seen laying on top of him at his poolside birthday party last month. Then, she was seen getting cozy with him at his Fourth of July party. Every time the couple gets cozy, “they end up hooking up,” the insider added. They love being friends and having intimacy still.

bella thorne texting gregg sulkin
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Bella Thorne is clearly enjoying the attention. She loves hanging out with guys. She has admitted that before. She’s doing what she wants and is changing the rules of dating. What are your thoughts on Bella Thorne’s love life? Sound off below in the comments section.

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