July 16, 2017
Delray Beach Hot Car Death: Florida Child Dies In Hot Car, Police Believe Death Was An Accident

A little boy who would have turned two next month died on Saturday after he was found inside of a hot car. The tragic death happened in Florida and Delray Beach police are still investigating, but believe Khayden Saint Saveur's death was an accident.

According to CBS 12, Delray Beach police responded to a residence near Military Trail and Lake Ida Road around 3:20 p.m. The child was found unconscious inside of his father's BMW. The front doors of Action Saint Saveur's car were unlocked and it had a dead battery. Authorities performed CPR and the little boy was transported to Bethesda Memorial Hosptial. Unfortunately, Khayden was pronounced dead shortly afterward.

Dani Moschella, DPBD's public information officer, stated that the child's death is still under investigation. However, at this point in time, police believe the boy's death was an accident. According to police officers, Khayden Saint Saveur got inside the car while he was outside playing with other children at the residence. However, it is unclear how the boy got access to get inside of the vehicle and why nobody noticed he was missing until it was too late.

It is estimated that the child was inside of the BMW for up to two hours. On the day of the boy's death, temperatures were around 90 degrees. A vehicle sitting outside in the Florida heat can cause the car to reach 150 degrees, police explained.

Sun Sentinel reported that at the time of the hot car death, there was one adult inside of the home. Carly Saint Saveur, the boy's uncle, said it is tragic and doesn't know how something like this could have happened.


The public information officer stressed the importance of parents and caregivers making sure vehicles are locked and the keys are inaccessible to children. Moschella added that parents might not even know a child is missing.

On Saturday evening, family and friends lined their cars on the street. Several people stood outside talking quietly and mourning the loss of an innocent child. Anderson Exantus, 19, is a neighbor and said he would see Khayden playing outside with his mom and siblings. He described the child as being full of energy and said his parents treated the toddler well.

[Featured Image by HStarr/Thinkstock]