Vestalife Takes a Bite out of Apple!

October 20, 2009 (Inquisitr Wire)— Following on the heels of its award-winning Ladybug® iPod® docking speaker, Vestalife will launch three new iPod/iPhone®-docking speakers this fall, initially available worldwide at the Apple Store ( and at Apple retail stores.

“We designed all three products with a diverse spectrum of consumers in mind and to create an emotional connection with all,” said Vestalife Founder and President Wayne Ludlum. With stunning and distinctive design, all are available in three special tactile soft-touch finishes; metallic red, metallic silver and metallic black, all featuring black chrome accents.

All are portable, with full-function remote controls, USB iTunes syncing, Video-out, Auxiliary-in jacks and will charge the iPhone as well as iPod nano, iPod classic and iPod touch. All have built-in subwoofers with digital amplifier technology and include world-wide power adapters for use anywhere in the world. Their simple, uncomplicated soft-touch power and volume up/down controls are intuitive and easy to use.

Ladybug II® ($99.99) is larger than its iconic cousin, Ladybug, with upgraded electronics and stronger bass response with a ported subwoofer and is AC or battery powered by 4-AA batteries and is certified “Made for iPod and Works with iPhone.”

Firefly® ($129.99) with its organic flowing lines that give it a unique attitude and personality and that produce a wide, smooth soundstage is AC or battery powered by 4-AA batteries and is certified “Made for iPod and Works with iPhone.”


Mantis® ($179.99) with its elegant artistry, rich detail and rich textures, features a down-firing subwoofer and creates a sound quality experience that compares with speakers twice its cost. Mantis® is AC or battery powered by 4-AA batteries and is certified “Made for iPod and Works with iPhone.”

The theme of the names, Ladybug, Firefly and Mantis is carried through with folding, hinged speakers that resemble wings when open on each model, creating a distinctive design and style and amazing stereo soundstage in a small area.

“These three new models are the culmination of months of design, research and engineering. We have maintained our important core values of connecting emotionally to the consumer, who will be surprised and thrilled at the performance, design and quality of these products,” enthuses Vestalife CEO Fred Faulkner. “We are very excited to offer these products through Apple Stores and this fall. Apple has invigorated and forever changed the consumer audio experience through iTunes®, iPod, and iPhone. We are extremely pleased to be associated with their global retail team who clearly understand the importance of creating an emotional connection with consumers.”

Vestalife includes a celebrated and highly accomplished team who is committed to one thing: bringing innovative design to build great products that deliver exceptional consumer experiences.