Garth Brooks Offers Honeymoon Trip To Hawaii For Couple Who Got Engaged At Oklahoma City Concert

It had been twenty years since native Oklahoman Garth Brooks had performed in Oklahoma City, but this weekend ended that long stretch when Garth performed four shows in just 27 hours. The Chesapeake Energy Arena, also home of the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team, was packed as excited fans traveled from all over the state to see legendary Brooks perform. With two shows Friday night and another two shows Saturday, a very humble Garth still gave his all on stage at every performance.

Not only did fans get to see Garth and wife Trisha Yearwood perform, they got to see a few pretty amazing things happen as Brooks interacted with a few lucky fans in the audience. One particular couple, Drew and Chelsea, became engaged when the groom-to-be proposed during Garth’s popular hit “Unanswered Prayers” on Saturday night. Brooks noticed what was going on and stopped mid song to ask the couple if they did just become engaged.

The Oklahoman reported on the proposal as well as what happened next for this couple. After having the couple introduce themselves and finding out if the groom had this planned out, which he had for three months, Garth asked the bride-to-be where she wanted to go on their honeymoon. She replied she didn’t know. Garth said, “No idea? Well, I tell you what, if you pick Hawaii, Miss Yearwood and I will pay for it, OK?”

Brooks later told wife Trisha when she was onstage with him that he had spent a little money. Trisha replied she heard and said she was totally cool with paying for their Hawaii trip as long as she got a vacation there too. Yearwood also interacted with the couple and congratulated them on their new engagement.

Another fan was acknowledged by Garth as well when Brooks noticed the sign his wife had made for the show. The sign said that her husband was a musician because of Garth. The Oklahoman shared details about the late Friday night show where Jonathan Chasteen was asked by Brooks to come on stage to play the guitar and sing. After performing for the packed arena, Garth told Jonathan he could keep the guitar he was playing.

Fans were ecstatic to have Garth back in Oklahoma City, but why did it take him twenty years to return? The Norman Transcript reported one reason given by Brooks which was fear that Oklahoma would grow sick of him. Garth went on to say, “You want it to be as special for you as it is for them.”

Oklahomans welcomed Garth and Trisha with open arms. Trisha, a native Georgian, said Oklahoma is special to her as well. It is home. As Garth and Trisha approach the 400th show on their world tour, they are exhausted, but fans can’t get enough of this hot country couple. Welcome home to Oklahoma Garth and Trisha.

[Featured Image by Ron Sachs – Pool via Getty Images]