'My 600-lb Life' Update: Steven Assanti Bashes Magazine Over Alleged False Reporting, Fake Twitter Reference

Steven Assanti has gone on social media to express his disappointment over a recent My 600-lb Life report that emerged during the past couple of days. The article, which was published by gossip magazine In Touch Weekly, referenced a controversial tweet from an account under Steven's name. According to the aspiring TV star, however, the recent report was false, since the Twitter account featured in the article does not belong to him at all.

The recent In Touch Weekly article outlined Steven's past behavior in social media, including his controversial YouTube video under his FatBoyGetDown handle, where he effectively dissed American taxpayers for providing him with resources so that he could maintain his unhealthy lifestyle. Apart from these, the article also quoted a reference from a Twitter account under Steven Assanti's name.

The Twitter account in question featured insensitive rants and provocative messages that were posted over the past couple of weeks. One of them, posted during the Fourth of July weekend, supported the burning of American flags, arguing that the act is a right that "true patriots" must fully embrace.

According to an update on Steven Assanti's official Facebook page, however, he was completely misquoted by the recent article. The elder Assanti sibling further alleged that the Twitter account does not belong to him at all, and that he fully supports American patriotism. Steven further stated that whoever runs the Twitter account referenced in the article was just an internet troll posing as himself.


While Steven's reputation in social media is questionable at best, the elder Assanti sibling does have a point. Posts from the alleged Steven Assanti Twitter account, after all, only date back to July 3, 2017, and almost all responses and updates uploaded by the profile contain messages that are designed to offend.

Apart from this, the profile photo used in the alleged Steven Assanti Twitter account is also quite outdated. A simple Google search for the image shows that the account uses a picture that is at least two years old. Thus, while it remains to be seen if Steven is actually telling the truth about his alleged poser, the Twitter profile seems very suspicious at best.

Considering his actions on My 600-lb Life, it is not difficult to dislike Steven Assanti. Brazen, stubborn and rude to a point, the morbidly obese patient from Rhode Island has made a name for himself as one of the most controversial subjects ever featured in the hit reality TV show.

Despite this, however, it is quite easy to see why Steven has taken offense at the recently published article. Whether the controversial Twitter account is real or not is up for question. After all, as noted by some of the My 600-lb Life star's followers on Facebook, such insensitive words have been spoken by Steven before. Thus, as ironic as it may sound, the elder Assanti brother has found himself in a situation where he is attempting to discredit someone who behaves in the exact same manner as he did in the past.


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