Man Tries To Sue Hustler Club For Allowing Him To Spend $28,000

William IIg filed a lawsuit against Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Manhattan after he was presented with a more than $28,000 bill for a night of drinking and alleged lap dances. The man claimed that he was fraudulently billed the NYC West Side hot spot during a visit because he was too drunk to be capable of conducting financial transactions. If IIg walked through the doors of Flynt’s club hoping for a night to remember, he got his wish – but not in a good way.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Manual Mendez tossed out the lawsuit which was brought after IIg disputed the charges from the 2011 incident, Complex City Guide notes. Apparently when he sobered up and saw the $28,109.60 charge on his credit card, the evening of pleasure turned into a financial nightmare.

Judge Mendez had this to say is his dismissal of the Hustler lawsuit:

“There is no duty upon Hustler club to protect plaintiff from the results of his voluntary intoxication.”

The Supreme Court Justice also nixed William IIg’s other pending action against Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. IIg alleged in that filing that the venue lacked a proper liquor license. The unhappy customer maintained that he was “plied with cocaine” and booze on the night that he racked up the massive tab, the New York Daily News reports.

William IIg’s lawsuit is not the first for the popular and highly successful erotic house of pleasure. In 2010 Gerard Wall sued the Hustler club for allegedly charging him $21,620.60 when all he was looking for was a $300 lap dance. The Delaware man and Larry Flynt’s club settled the lawsuit last year.

Perhaps William IIg’s Hustler lawsuit can serve as a cautionary tale for other eager male patrons – leave the plastic at home so you can’t spend any more than the cash in your pocket. Such a fiscally responsible party plan would surely save married Hustler Club visitors from dealing with a very angry wife when the next credit card bill arrives in the mail.