Woman Arrested For Drug Possession Tells Cops She Wants Her Drugs Back

A New Hampshire woman arrested for drug possession reportedly showed up at the police station about five hours later with an unusual request: She allegedly wanted cops to return her drugs.

The alleged request, which perhaps gives a new meaning to “just say no to drugs,” was not granted.

The incident in the town of Salem originated in an alleged shoplifting call.

Cops arrested the suspect, 26, for allegedly shoplifting from Macy’s at a nearby mall. In so doing, officers allegedly found suboxone on her person. Upon her arrest, cops charged her with willful concealment and possession of a controlled drug.

Suboxone, the alleged drug in question, was confiscated as part of the evidence.

According to the New York Post in reporting on the Salem arrest, suboxone is “a highly addictive substance that can be used to treat heroin addiction. “

In the course of the investigation, officers learned that the suspect’s drivers’ license and registration were suspended.

The suspect, identified by multiple news agencies as Emily Morin, was released on a $2,500 personal recognizance bond along with a signed promise not to commit any other crimes while on bail.

Later that day, Morin and a friend returned to the police HQ and allegedly demanded that the arresting officer return the suboxone. After he told her that was not possible, she allegedly got behind the wheel of a blue Volvo that was parked in the police station parking lot.

New Hampshire woman busted twice in one day over drug-related charges
[Image by Salem Police Department via AP Images]

Officer Andrew Feole, the policeman with whom she had spoken, apparently spotted her in the driver’s seat and contacted the dispatcher to double-check that the license/registration suspension was still in effect. With that info confirmed, he ordered Morin to stop as she was backing out of the space. Morin was allegedly non-compliant and refused to exit the car.

According to NH1, the officer and Morin got into a struggle, but “He was eventually able to force her hands together to apply handcuffs, police added.”

Emily Morin of NH allegedly told cops she wanted drugs back after arrest
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The suspect now reportedly faces additional charges of resisting arrest, breach of bail, and driving under suspension. She was arraigned in a Salem court last Wednesday and at that time was held on $5,000 cash bail. Emily Morin is due back in court on July 21.

A separate and unrelated report from WMUR, Channel 9 in Manchester, published last October, quotes a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency official claiming that New Hampshire is “ground zero” for a nationwide opioid epidemic, primarily fentanyl, a synthetic drug that has led to the most overdose fatalities in the state.

Watch a local news report about the drug suspect in Salem, New Hampshire, who was taken into custody twice in the same day.

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