Josh Duggar: Back On Social Media, Wife Anna’s Post Marks Time Since Scandals

With Josh Duggar rumored to be returning to television in a future episode of Counting On, his wife Anna’s return to social media Sunday morning is timely. She included Josh in a post celebrating the birthday of their daughter, who was born in the middle of the publicity after a released police report detailed Josh’s younger sisters describing molestation at his hands.

Anna Duggar’s youngest child (for now — she’s expecting her fifth later this year) is turning two years old, which also marks Josh Duggar’s exile from his family’s reality tv show as two years past. Reports say he’s now preparing to return to it, which has caused the stir one would expect among the fans.

Both Josh and Anna disappeared from social media for some time — Anna’s most recent post, until June, was over a year ago. Now, however, it appears she’s easing back into social media. Last month, she posted photos from her son Marcus’s birthday, and now she’s posting about Merideth.

Meanwhile, Josh Duggar’s return to social platforms is up in the air — though he deleted his Instagram account, his Twitter and Facebook accounts are still up, and public. However, Duggar hasn’t posted to either one in almost two years — his last posting was in August 2015.


In fact, Josh is reportedly banned from using a smartphone, which would severely limit his options with social media — but just last month, Josh was caught on camera breaking this rule, using a smartphone openly as he visited Anna Duggar’s family.

Though Anna included Josh in the photos for last month’s birthday post for Marcus, he is notably absent in Merideth’s birthday post.


That could be because of the numerous responses Anna received last month, which ranged from expressing that the young mother shouldn’t have forgiven Josh, to suggesting that their kids are in danger from him. Others referred to Josh’s rumored upcoming return to the reality show.


Though Josh has been kept off the Duggar family’s show (mostly — he was spotted by viewers at Jinger’s wedding to Jeremy Vuolo) Anna has appeared regularly, and the two recently filmed a short video clip in which they share with the public their well-wishes for Josh’s sister, Jill Dillard after the birth of her second child.

Though the Duggar family has shared photos of Josh on social media, and there was that glimpse of him on the show at Jinger’s wedding, this is his first time speaking on camera (and having more than a sliver of his face visible) since the paired scandals of his police report and subsequent exposure as holding accounts on a website devoted to extramarital affairs.

Of course, there’s speculation that this is the Duggar family’s way of testing the public reaction to Josh before returning him to television. If that’s the case, the comments on Josh’s YouTube video indicate that many viewers are very opposed to the idea. They’re overall similar to those on Anna’s Tweet above: some viewers call Josh names, ranging from ‘molester’ to profanity, many express a belief that Josh is a danger to the other little girls in the family, and others still defend Anna, with a few also defending Josh.

If Anna’s return to social media is a step on the path to restoring Josh’s place on the Duggar family’s reality show, it’s clear that many viewers will not be welcoming him with open arms.

[Featured Image by Josh Duggar/Twitter]