‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 7 Spoilers: Showrunners Tease Henry, Cinderella, And A New Enchanted Forest

Once Upon A Time Season 7 details are finally being released. For the past few months, fans have wondered about Henry Mills (formerly Jared S. Gilmore, currently Andrew J. West) and the mother of his child, Lucy. Everyone was speculating on who Lucy’s mother was, especially after the showrunners teased Henry had an “epic love story” with this person. Spoilers reveal exactly who it is. In addition, there is information on what to expect from the characters, there will be a new Enchanted Forest, and Storybrooke isn’t completely out of the picture.

OUAT spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want details about what to expect on the fairy tale drama.

On Saturday, co-executive producer Edward Kitsis revealed at the D23 Expo that Dania Ramirez is playing the new Cinderella. According to TV Line, Henry and Cinderella are married and have a daughter together. The showrunner said the present day story will take place in Seattle. However, flashbacks will be in a new Enchanted Forest with different tales. Also, expect to see characters in the Enchanted Forest that are familiar.

In the Once Upon A Time Season 7 premiere, fans will see Jared S. Gilmore once again as Henry leaves Storybrooke. The young man is determined to find his own story. That won’t be the only instance of seeing the town. Storybrooke will appear a few times throughout the season.

Other things to expect are the return of Jennifer Morrison and other departed cast members for at least one episode. As for Hook, flashbacks in Season 7, Episode 2 will reveal what happened to him. It is teased that he won’t find another woman because he considers Emma to be his soulmate. Some fans wonder if Hook will revert to his old ways without Emma around to ground him. Even though he might be tempted, his good heart will stop him from going completely villainous.

What do you think of what executive producer Edward Kitsis revealed about Henry and Cinderella in Once Upon A Time Season 7? What do you expect to happen in the new Enchanted Forest and how will it impact the other characters?

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