Kylie Jenner And Rob Kardashian: How The Duo Prove That The Reality Star Family Uses Controversy To Get Ahead

A bitter feud between exes Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, and a lawsuit filed against Kylie and Kendall Jenner for photographs used in their T-shirt line do not slow down the Kardashian-Jenner clan one bit. This crew seems to thrive on turmoil and take controversy as a catapult to further expand their empire built on being famous for being famous.

In recent years it was the mentioned siblings’ older sister Kim Kardashian who brought the most attention to the family due to her high-profile relationships, incessant selfie taking and daring fashion choices, not to mention breaking the internet with numerous nude photo-shoots. Since Kim K was robbed barbarically during Paris Fashion Week, the mother of two and wife to rapper Kanye West, has backed a bit off the scene and allowed her younger siblings to steal the spotlight, regardless of any negative press attached.

When it comes to this clan it seems that even negative press results in more opportunity. Kendall Jenner was hugely criticized for partaking in a recent “tone-deaf” Pepsi ad which was pulled within the first 24 hours it began airing, as Vanity Fair reminds readers. Many speculated her career would take a hit, yet the beauty is still booking model gig after model gig and shrugged off the poor choice of brand collaboration.

Kylie and Kendall recently were sued for incorporating a specific image on a T-shirt in their recent fashion line which featured the late rapper Tupac. It was the photographer who snapped the image of the rapper that launched the suit, due to the sisters having not only used the images, but also adding their own selfies over top of the images.