Woman, 50, Forced To Strip Naked, Perform Oral Sex At Gunpoint By 4 Thugs After Church

Roz Zurko

A 50-year-old woman who was returning home from an evening prayer meeting was held up by four thugs with guns, forced to strip naked and perform oral sex on these men behind a garbage truck on the street. Fearing for her life, the unidentified woman did what these men said as they held a gun to her and threatened to kill her if she didn't oblige.

Three of the four men were caught and arrested for their alleged crimes that occurred on Tuesday and arraigned in court Friday. Police are still looking for the fourth suspect. Their images were seen on the surveillance cameras that lined the Queen's street where this happened. This church-going woman was the victim of a "heinous acts of sexual abuse" as two of the men took turns forcing her to perform oral sex at gunpoint, conveyed the district attorney handling this case, Richard Brown.

At one point the unnamed woman told the men that she was HIV positive, which she is not, but she told them this in hopes that they would just rob her and then leave her alone. This did not work, they didn't believe her. They had her strip naked, they robbed her of her money and belongings, and the men took turns forcing her to perform oral sex on them.

When they were done with this horrendous crime, they went on their way, and this woman made it back to the church she had left a little while earlier. When she walked through the door, she collapsed crying on the floor. The pastor of the Celestial Church of Christ in Jamaica said the poor woman was inconsolable after what she'd just been through.

Pastor Kehinde Oyetunde's wife, Bose Oyetunde spoke with reporters and said they "couldn't control her," she was crying like a baby from this horrendous crime. She has been with the church for 10 years, said the pastor's wife. She called the victim, "a very kind woman." The woman is now afraid to go back to church.

The attack occurred at about 10:15 p.m., as this woman was walking home from prayer service. During the crime, one of the men slapped her in the face and called her a "stupid African." According to the BizPac Review, the men took her cash and whatever property she had on her before telling her to strip naked and perform these acts.

Three of the men were caught, with one still at large. One of the men told police that it was a robbery that just got out of hand. He said that he went to get his "boys" some condoms, but when he returned they had just finished up. The district attorney on the case, Richard Brown, said in court,

"The crimes that the defendants are accused of committing that night are despicable and are deserving of significant punishment. Two of them are alleged to have subjected her to heinous acts of sexual abuse."

It was two of the four men who took turns forcing the woman to perform oral sex on them, according to the reports. Getting the men off the streets was of utmost importance to the law enforcement community. They had held three innocent men at gunpoint the evening after they did this to the woman. They robbed the three men of their cash and personal property.

The fourth suspect, who has not been captured at this point, was said to have put on a condom before forcing the woman to perform oral sex on him. Justin Williams, 17, Julisses Ginel, 19, and Brandon Walker, 20 were arrested for this violent crime. The three men are held in jail over this brutal crime as police search for the fourth suspect.

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