'Ghost Adventures' Recap: Zak Bagans And Crew Return To Asylum 49 And Haunted Nursing Home [Spoilers]

On Saturday's new episode of Ghost Adventures, it wasn't the first time that Zak Bagans and company had visited the Asylum 49 haunted attraction building in Tooele, Utah, but it was a whole new ballgame this time around. During their previous paranormal investigation, the nursing home that occupied a large part of the premises was still in full operation and off-limits. However, in episode S14E11, "Asylum 49: Reawakenings," the Ghost Adventures crew had another 170,000 square feet of ghosts and alleged paranormal activity to investigate as the nursing facility has closed its doors and they had access to the whole property.

While Ghost Adventures got some compelling evidence the last time around in Asylum 49, their paranormal investigation of the haunted nursing home yielded evidence that might make even the most skeptical reconsider the possibility of paranormal phenomenon, with many paranormal fans hailing it as one of their best episodes ever on Twitter.

Bagans, along with fellow Ghost Adventures investigator Aaron Goodwin and tech experts Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley, kicked off the episode by speaking with former nurse Marie who was fired after the episode in 2011 because of her comments on demonic spirits entering the rooms of residents who died. She became emotional when talking about her 12 years working there and the "Man in Black" that she felt was responsible for resident deaths.

For the record, she wasn't referring to Johnny Cash, or that could have made a really interesting Ghost Adventures episode.

She also talked about how this alleged evil entity would appear around 3 a.m. and how deaths in the facility came in groups of three, which is actually a common urban legend in the nursing profession.

Zak Bagans also interviewed a former male nurse at the facility, Dakota, who discussed the creepy encounters in an area of the building referred to as "The Green Mile" because of its long hallway of green carpet. His experiences included being scratched while he was in the kitchen area of The Green Mile.

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But the episode really heated up when the Ghost Adventures guys got locked down to start their investigation. In particular, Tolley got the most intense assignment of the episode when he was locked into a room next to a bed that still bore the imprint of the body of a person who died in it. He was hooked up to an EKG to monitor for any physical effects during the investigation, but perhaps the worst part was he even wore a hospital gown. Who's idea was that?

Fortunately for Ghost Adventures fans, he made sure the back of the gown was closed, because he jumped out of bed in the middle the night after a door in the hallway slammed shut, and unlike much of the evidence on paranormal shows these days, this was captured on camera.

Later in the investigation, as Aaron was investigating a section of the building, he claimed he saw a dark figure in a room which the Ghost Adventures crew later determined was the same room where the door slammed shut while Billy was trying to sleep. Aaron also claimed that something touched him while he was in the hallway and in the night vision camera, Ghost Adventures fans could see him jumping around the hallway reacting to something unseen.

But perhaps the biggest scare for Aaron during this episode was when he was in the hall in a section of the haunted nursing home with lights shining at him from the other end of the hallway. When Bagans entered the hallway to approach him, he was backlit and Aaron didn't realize it was Zak approaching him at first. Aaron had a very strong reaction to the shadowed figure coming down the hallway toward him, to put it mildly.

Suffice to say, in this episode, Aaron once again proved to be the source of most of the comic relief for the Ghost Adventures team, with some saying his reaction to Zak was one of the funniest moments ever on the show (although some said the same about the Aaron "complaint counter" last week.) While some paranormal fans prefer very serious investigations and some prefer more humorous over-the-top paranormal hunts, the Ghost Adventures fans know this team usually delivers a little bit of both.

Do you think Ghost Adventures and other paranormal shows are real or not? Or, some paranormal fans may simply ask "Are they entertaining?" What do you think? Comment below.

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