‘You Are Worth Standing In The Altar With’ – Jade Libelo’s Reply To Nadine Lustre Gets 55,435 Facebook Likes

Actress Nadine Lustre and her boyfriend James Reid caused quite a stir recently when Nadine was asked if Lustre and Reid already lived together. The couple is so popular that James and Nadine already have their own couple nickname: JaDine. As seen in the below video, the woman who was dubbed Philippines’ sexiest woman out of 100 women by FHM, a publication that called Nadine a “multimedia princess,” defended the possibility of living with James. Rumors about Reid and Lustre allegedly already living together caused their relationship to be put under a spotlight during a recent interview with ABS-CBN News.

Whereas Nadine attempted to defend potentially living with James using logic such as being “open-minded,” and noting that the year is 2017, that logic is being challenged in a viral blog post by Jade Libelo. Titled “You Are Worth Standing in the Altar With,” the piece by Libelo has gone viral since being published on Friday, July 14. According to Trendolizer, the blog post has received 55,435 Facebook likes as of 7:35 a.m. on Sunday, July 16. The post refutes Nadine’s reasoning with biblical wisdom about living together and other so-called societal norms in 2017.

“‘Come on, it’s 2017 now.’ Sadly, some people think that the Bible is no longer relevant to this generation because the times have changed. However, the truth is—the wisdom of the Bible is timeless. Jesus said in Matthew 24:35: ‘Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.’ He didn’t say that His Word is only as good as when we want to accept it. Then, when it’s too offensive for us, let’s consider it void. No.”

Reid and Nadine weren’t being picked on, Jade wrote, but Libelo argued that Lustre’s relationship on a personal level might not be any of society’s business, yet the logic that Nadine put forth in the above interview was the business of those who had to agree to disagree with Lustre.

Nadine said that if she and Reid were living together, it’s not a practice that’s new anymore, and Lustre argued that there existed younger couples who already lived together, with the practice being normal in 2017. Whereas Nadine refused to confirm or deny if she was living with James, and urged everyone to be open-minded to the idea of JaDine living together, Jade took a different approach to the topic that is resonating with Facebook users sharing her post aplenty online.


Jade wrote that living together can place a person in the sad position of trying to “live up” to the other person’s expectations and make them jump through hoops to be worthy enough to marry. Libelo argued that living together meant giving a person all the things a married relationship enjoyed, without the benefit, commitment, and security of marriage.


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