Jeremy Roloff Shares New Photo Of Pregnant Audrey, Tells Guys To Pursue Women Even If They Get Denied

Jeremy Roloff is offering some marriage advice for single guys who want to find their own Audrey.

Little People, Big World stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have been husband and wife for less than three years, but the couple already has a wealth of marriage advice to share with their faithful followers. They’ve even created a marriage blog that encourages couples to build “better than average marriages.” It’s called Beating 50 Percent, and Jeremy used the hashtag #beating50percent to promote the blog in his latest Instagram post. He and Audrey Roloff believe that it’s important for husbands and wives to always give more than 50 percent to their spouses, and the Little People, Big World stars are even selling a marriage journal that helps couples accomplish this by pushing them to communicate more.

However, before a man has need of the Roloffs’ marriage journal, he has to find a bride. The search for a wife is the subject of Jeremy’s most recent Instagram post, which is accompanied by a photo of himself and Audrey. The couple is sitting on a wooden swing together in the image, and Audrey is cradling her baby bump. On her own Instagram page, she recently revealed that she’s 33 weeks pregnant with their first child, a baby girl.

In his lengthy social media post, Roloff complains that too many people today frown on marriage “because it demands sacrifice.” He advises men that they need to be willing to sacrifice a lot of their time and energy if they want to marry their dream woman, one who is “beautiful, smart and strong.” He warns his followers that such a woman is “waiting for a man, not a boy,” so a man must work hard to prove his worth if he hopes to win her heart.

“Culture promotes men cowering in corners because they find more pleasure in pride than pursuit. The women of your dreams is often on the other side of a long, sometimes hard and difficult pursuit.”

While the woman in this scenario is pretty, intelligent, and tough, Jeremy Roloff writes that there are only two qualities that the man pursuing her needs to possess: He must be committed to her, and he must keep pursuing her no matter how difficult the chase gets. Even if she denies him, he shouldn’t give up. Jeremy believes that this will prove the man’s worth to the woman he wants.

“Denial is apart of life, but a woman worth marrying is worth patiently and purposefully pursuing – and she’s likely waiting for that man to show up.”

Jeremy Roloff didn’t think that Audrey Roloff was a woman worthy of pursuit when they first met. In a Little People, Big World clip shared by the Wrap, he complains that she was “inappropriately dressed” for their blind date, and he says that “it was not love at first sight.” However, he and Audrey became friends, and they eventually fell in love.

The couple didn’t wait long after getting married to start sharing their marriage advice, and some of it has stirred up controversy. In a 2016 blog post, Audrey told women that their bodies belong to their husbands after they get married. According to RadarOnline, she and Jeremy Roloff have also revealed that they’re against same-sex marriage.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Roloff/Facebook]