‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Excitedly Shares Wedding Dress Shopping Experience With Fans

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been making headlines a lot as of late. Just a day ago, the MTV personality appeared live on a Facebook video with Wetpaint to put her latest pregnancy rumors to bed. During the live video, Jenelle took a pregnancy test. The live test revealed Jenelle wasn’t pregnant, despite rumors claiming she might be.

Evans revealed her decision to take the test live was merely to put the rumors to bed, as she was fairly certain she wasn’t pregnant. Evans went on birth control immediately after giving birth to her daughter, Ensley, so she knew there was little chance she was pregnant.

During the Facebook live video with Wetpaint, Jenelle also revealed that she and David Eason would not be having any additional children together. In fact, she and her fiance had actually debated on whether she would get her tubes tied or he would get a vasectomy for a period of time. Ultimately, the two decided a tubal was the way to go. According to Evans, she just hasn’t had time to get the surgery yet. Given the fact that she’s the mother of three children, that’s pretty understandable.

Hollywood Life reveals that Evans recently went shopping for the perfect gown for her upcoming wedding. The outlet noted the MTV personality was beaming with joy as she shopped for the perfect gown. In fact, Jenelle was so excited about shopping for her wedding dress that she decided to share the shopping experience with her fans and followers on Instagram.

In the Instagram picture below, Jenelle can be seen beaming with joy as she’s surrounded by potential wedding gowns.

Jenelle captioned the photo “It’s finally happening.” In the comments, her fans and followers couldn’t be happier for the Teen Mom 2 star. Many congratulated Evans. A few even commented on how proud they were of how far she had come when compared to the teenager that fans met on MTV many years ago.

Evans shared a second picture on Instagram revealing that she brought a few friends with her to help pick out the perfect wedding gown.

The Teen Mom 2 star also shared a third photo of herself wearing the gorgeous white dress she sported while shopping for the wedding gown. This picture featured Jenelle with her fiance, David Eason. In the caption, she mentioned that she was leaving him behind to go dress hunting.

All in all, Jenelle Evans appeared to be thrilled with her overall wedding gown shopping experience. Her fans couldn’t be happier for her. What do you think about Jenelle’s upcoming wedding?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]