Rob Kardashian’s Sock Collaboration With Kylie Called ‘Cheap And Nasty’

Rob Kardashian and Kylie Jenner recently announced their Arthur George sock collaboration, and some fans are not impressed. In fact, some people are calling the trio of socks “cheap” and “horrifying” as they comment on Kylie’s Facebook post.

The 19-year-old Jenner shared images of the Arthur George socks on social media on Friday, and her followers did not hold back in criticizing the designs. One of the top comments calls Rob and Kylie’s collaboration “horrible,” before stating people who buy the socks are “pathetic.”

“They are horrible….they look cheap and nasty…funny you don’t see them wearing them often… [sic] yuk if your going to sell us cheap crap at least lie and tell us it will make our feet prettier……if you buy this crap you really are pathetic.”

Another Facebook user questioned the pair that features Kylie’s face as the graphics seem to be an issue for some people.

“…who designed the animated Kylie. It looks like you were a character off of the Oregon trail…”

It seems others shared the same opinion as they called the Kylie face “horrifying.” But the negative reviews didn’t stop there as people said Jenner is simply helping her older brother make money to cover his lawsuit with Blac Chyna.

“Yea, better help Rob make that lawsuit money lmao.”

Despite numerous people finding fault with Kardashian’s socks, others stated they do like some of the pairs. One commenter said they want the middle finger pair as another person said they like the pink and white Lip Kit ones.

“I need the middle finger socks.”

However, the commenter also criticized the collaboration after stating they only found one pair to be cute.

“Pink and white ones are cute.. IDK what happened to those other ones.”

Bustle reported on Rob and Kylie’s sock collaboration, as the site said people are confused by the timing. Instead of teasing the release date and amping up excitement, Jenner informed her followers of the launch the same day the products were made available online.

“Typically, Jenner puts up a teasing social media post and waits for people to get excited before she gives launch details. This time the collab was previewed, info was given, and they launched on The Kylie Shop’s website all in the same day.”

Because of this, Bustle is reporting that the public sees Rob and Kylie’s sock trio as a way for him to mend his image after his very public Instagram meltdown over Blac Chyna.

The site also states all of the $15 socks are currently in-stock as they receive mixed reviews from shoppers.

“All of the designs are currently in stock, which makes sense seeing as not everyone is behind the launch.”

Typically, Jenner’s new items sell out within their first few days online, but this does not seem to be the case with her Arthur George socks.

Bustle went on to include Twitter reactions as people assume Kris Jenner is behind the collaboration between Rob and Kylie. It seems the public believes the “momager” is in a hurry to fix her 30-year-old son’s tarnished reputation following his social media rant and subsequent restraining order.

Some commenters were even quoted as saying the Kardashian family knows how to make a profit off every situation, as the timing of the Kylie X Arthur George collaboration is suspicious.

Perhaps the Kardashian-Jenner crew is learning that not everything they market is guaranteed to be a hit, as people share their opinions on Rob and Kylie’s socks.

[Featured Image by Vantage News/AP Images]