'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 99 Review, 100 Preview: Krillin Goes Out Like A Boss, NEP Teases Jiren Vs. Hit

Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 featured the first elimination for Universe 7. As previously revealed through episode summary leaks, the first member of the U7 team who will be eliminated is Krillin. While the veteran fighter was indeed eliminated at the end of the episode, Krillin ultimately proved that he was worthy of fighting against the best that the DB multiverse could offer.

Just as expected, much of Dragon Ball Super Episode 99, "Show it Off! Krillin's Reserves of Strength!!" was centered on Krillin's battles. Over the course of the episode, the stocky U7 fighter had a handful of pretty epic moments, from excellent assists, to a rather creative elimination.

In many ways, Krillin really did a lot this episode, starting with an assist against Jiumu, one of the tournament's flying fighters. During the skirmish, Krillin was able to damage the bird fighter enough for Master Roshi to eliminate the flying warrior through an energy beam, as noted by DBS fans in online forums such as Reddit.

Krillin was given yet another moment of awesome in the episode, saving his wife from elimination. After a Universe 4 fighter had blindsided Android 18, Krillin jumped out of the ring and caught his wife just as she was about to fall out of the ring. He then fired an energy beam into space, getting enough momentum to fly back to the arena.

The husband-and-wife tandem of Krillin and Android 18 was able to eliminate Universe 4's Shousa, too, using a technique that played over some nostalgic DB music, as noted by noted Dragon Ball Super fan-translator Herms98. After this, Krillin faced off alone against his toughest opponent yet, the blind fighter Majora.

While Krillin struggled against the blind fighter, he eventually managed to get the upper hand after incapacitating Majora's sense of smell. After this, Krillin was one Kamehameha away from earning yet another elimination. As Krillin was celebrating, however, he was blindsided by Universe 6's Frost, who threw him out of the ring using his tail. Being the dirty fighter that he was, Frost simply ran away when Android 18 tried to confront him.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 did what it was supposed to do. Given the episode's title and summary leaks, Ep 99 was expected to be all about Krillin. As the episode proved, this was exactly the case, as the stocky fighter really shined from beginning to end in Episode 99.

While Krillin's elimination has polarized fans due to its cruel final twist, it is undeniable that the veteran fighter really did stand out in the episode. If any, Krillin all but proved that he was worthy of being a member of the Universe 7 team. With two assists, one awesome save, and a solo elimination, Krillin could hardly be considered the weakest link of U7.

If the NEP for Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 is any indication, it appears that things are going to get a lot more interesting in the next episode. As shown in the brief preview, Goku will be battling against Caulifla, Vegeta will be fighting against Cabba, and Kale, yet another U6 Saiyan, will be going full Broly and spamming everyone with her overwhelming power.

Amidst all the chaos that was teased in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 NEP, however, one particular scene truly stood out. If the sequence of the DBS Ep 100 preview's scenes is any indication, it appears that Universe 11's Jiren would face off with Universe 6's Hit.

This, of course, has managed to get numerous fans extremely excited. Jiren and Hit, after all, are arguably the most overpowered characters in the anime to date. Thus, Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 could likely feature a real clash of the titans.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]